Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Courant could be shown costs of calling for arrests of ‘undocumented gun owners’

With its call to the state of Connecticut to identify, arrest and prosecute gun owners who have not complied with “assault weapon” registration edicts, The Hartford Courant has removed all pretenses of “common sense gun safety” advocacy, and placed itself squarely in the confiscation and persecution camp.
We need to understand and accept that there is an ideological cold civil war these Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists and their fellow monopoly of violence zealots are prosecuting against Americans who simply want to be left alone, and that if we don’t treat it as such and respond in kind, they’re going to keep at it. We have given them no incentive to stop, and the more successful they are, the more they’ll be encouraged to turn up the heat.
A way to discourage that is to cut off the enemy’s -- and that’s what they are -- supply lines. Major advertisers like automobile dealerships and realtors provide “aid and comfort” to that enemy via advertising revenues. A group of committed and organized gun rights activists could discourage that by approaching one or more with a phone, email and letter campaign, and even weekend sidewalk demonstrations, asking them if they agree with The Courant that the state should lock up their gun-owning customers. It would be especially effective if gun owners who have done business with such firms in the past contact the reps who made the commissions and who send them new business card refrigerator magnets every year.
These businesses don’t want to get involved in a polarizing issue, all they want to do is sell their products and services, and making them understand they are enablers who will be held accountable would in turn make them pass it on to the advertising rep who sells them space: “Your editors’ personal political agenda brought this down on us. You’re supposed to help us attract customers, not drive them away!”
Connecticut’s “undocumented gun owners” are showing the world that resistance is not futile, and that could be the inspiring example that sets gun owners in other states on the same course. Likewise, if they would only realize and then use it, they have the power to hasten The Courant and similar rags writing their own obituaries.


Anonymous said...

This may have already been discussed on SSI but now that many CT gun owners have violated the registration requirement, they -- and others because who knows how anyone might get caught up in what dragnet -- can now assert their 5th amendment rights.

When talking to LE, assert your rights-- today, tomorrow, forever.

Anonymous said...

Those working and earning money in pursuit of a Constitutionally protected right and demean and promote the dis enfranchisement of others using that right should have that right forever taken from them.

Their right is contingent upon their observance and respect of mine. In fact their speech borders on political while mine is lawful. They have left the lawful pursuit of their right. As such their corporate charters can be repealed because their activity is not authorized by the Constitution.

The exercise of their right does not conform to the Constitution. The Constitution mandates a Republican Form Of Government; Article IV Section 4. Since the activities of the corporation promote the impairment of the Constitution then they no longer represent a lawful benifit to the people. The basis for cororations are that they are organized and legitimized for the benefit of the people. Oher wise they are acting outside their charter.

Anonymous said...

What we need now is actual "common sense". When I hear that phrase mentioned in conjunction with firearms, I know what is to follow is going to be nonsense.

I hope that in this case, the law enforcers in CT have enough common sense to realize what they will ignite if they start to go after law abiding people, who have illegally been made retroactive felons by a despicable bunch of power hungry marxists.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time quoting the Founding Fathers or Bible verses to gun-grabbers. They couldn't care less.

These people want us all DEAD and the sooner we all realize that the better.

There's a good chance that thing going down in CT is going to get hot real quick.

Ryan C said...

since it seems that roughly 250,000 Connecticut gun owners out of 300,000 refused to comply - I think the three percenters in CT should be renamed the 70 percenters.



Paul X said...

Keep in mind that even those who complied, likely complied only for SOME of their guns. One would be mad to put one's eggs all in the same basket.