Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another CT story: Voting with your feet.

Gun Control Sent Me Packing
When do you finally say, "Enough," decide to sell your house, pack up your things and move your life to another state that offers more freedom and liberty?


aaronw said...

The SAFE Act was the final straw that pushed three of my friends from my local range to move to freer states.

Anonymous said...

I left Maryland back in July. The final straw was their gun "control" laws that went into effect. Yet, there are no new criminal control laws.
I tired of a Dem controlled government grinding my Liberties under their Boot of Righteousness, raising taxes (Rain tax ??? Really ???) while pilfering the State coffers to line the pockets of favored politicians. I'm adult enough to understand that that behavior will happen to some degree no matter which State i reside in, but damn !!
I moved my household, and took my money with me !! Myself and a couple thousand others in the past couple years. How many business' shut down or decided not to open in Maryland due to the business unfriendly environment ?
*PHHT* to Mary-land and the son-in-law to the Kennedy clan, O'Malley!! I now reside and conduct my business, spend my money and pay taxes in a more Libertarian thinking State. Not to mention, warmer weather.

Jim Klein said...

A rodent in a maze will scurry around and around, never giving up the quest for egress. Too bad the sicko labworker left no opening for egress.

The rational man will stop the maze from being built or, failing that, overcome his surroundings.

The interesting fact is that the maze never comes to be in the first place, without the labworker. THIS was the distinction Rand wrote about---"the metaphysical versus the man-made." For the rodent, the maze is a metaphysical given. For us...

Anonymous said...

A good commentary. The author and her family are descendants of Holocaust survivors. They study history. They have made the right decision. They will live, while others regret inaction.