Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And lest we forget: "Utahn's Brother Tortured & Murdered by Federal Government."

Jesse Trentadue forwarded me this link with the comment: "Just came across this site and it is very good." I am working on another story based on FBI documents concerning the use of snitches that were turned over in discovery in Jesse's latest case. I hope to have it out later today or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So, help me understand. If OKC was a bombing plot having to do with PATCON, and the government was in on it....or at least had CIs working within the group targeting the attack, then why did they kill Trentadue during an interrogation gone wrong? Wouldn't they have known he was not John Doe #2? So why kill/interrogate him? Was that particular group of Fibbies not up on it being an inside job?...or was it another example of the FBI knowing about an impending attack and letting it go through so they could benefit politically from it?

Anonymous said...

No one?