Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why Gun Owners Are Right to Fight Against Gun Control

The anti-gun crowd doesn't want "compromise." They want confiscation and control.


Charles N. Steele said...

Excellent piece. More generally, this is why me must oppose all restrictions on freedom. Smart collectivists understand that the practical strategy to achieve totalitarianism is gradualism. The Fabian socialists, the social democrats, the progressives -- including our gun-grabber friends -- all understand this very well.

Tom said...

I'm not sure if you are aware of the extent of the CO mag ban that went into effect July 1. It's essentially a confiscation order on a number of levels.

It bans sale of mags over 15 rounds to civilians, BUT, it goes further than that. Any magazine with a block or plug in it, or a removable floor plate that could allow adapting the magazine or firearm's integral magazine to take a detachable mag of high capacity are also illegal. That's a confiscatory bit there, but it gets worse.

If you have grandfathered mags or firearms that are "easily adaptable to use external high cap mags", you have to keep them in your control at all times, so if you hand your grandfathered rifle or magazine to anybody and allow them to handle it while it is in a functional state, than you are a criminal. This includes family. I can see people abusing this the same way they file false domestic violence charges on people with arms.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and a PILE of CO Sheriffs have filed suits. CO managed the recall. Hopefully they can manage to get these laws recalled.

Regards from Tejas,

“...we’ve left our future largely in the hands of people whose single greatest characteristic is that they are bewildered by the present.”--Joshua Cooper Ramo

Anonymous said...

What do you know, commies should not be allowed to own guns.

Anonymous said...

Anon at're as bad as the collectivists.

"Guns for me, but not for thee".

Equality means exactly that....everyone has the right to natural self defense, or NO ONE does.

You seek to impose a tyranny against your fellow man b/c he doesn't believe the same things you do. You are just as bad as those you seek to disarm.

Anonymous said...

Tom from Tejas....

My question on the CO law is:

How are the police going to determine you owned the mag prior to the mag ban? I'm betting this may end up like a host of other new American laws where you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent, not the other way around.

I've only skimmed the law, but it doesn't tell how the application of this law will be handled and I foresee massive potential from abuse, especially in areas like Denver and Boulder whose police forces are far too big on infringing on their citizens' rights.

Paul X said...

Actually they want surrender and submission.

Anonymous said...

You ain’t kidding. To a gun-grabbing progressive, “compromise” means that you give up a little less than what they first wanted, while they give up nothing.

Too bad for Pete Shields and the rest of his collectivist fucks over at the Brady Bunch place....there are more guns in private hands than ever now.....something like 500 million....I'd personally like to see it at 500 BILLION..