Friday, September 20, 2013

22LR cartridges. The new Krugerrands


Crustyrusty said...

No. S***.

Local Wally had .45, .40 and some 00 buck for a buck a shell, though. Yee-hah.

Anonymous said...

If Homeland Security sold all that ammo at market price they could pay off the national debt. Definitely the best investment of the last 18 months.

Yank lll said...

History Repeats Itself yet again..

Funny how things repeat themselves but in a different manner.. in the 80's Reagan crushed the Soviet Union by forcing them to spend money they didn't have, Now the turncoat feds are playing that same tactic on us only it's not working.
The only difference here is there aren't any agents of influence for us to go to to get them to pay for our collapse like Clinton did for his paymasters in Russia.
Our only fix is to replace all the Quislings in both house's of the people with Americans by whatever means possible.. and soon.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Between 09 until it disappeared off of the shelves late last September, every trip to wally world first stop was sporting goods where I used to pick up one to two bricks. Friends laughed at me... I said, it doesn't go bad.

Now, I don't laugh at them ... I just grin ...and no.. it's not for sale..

Anonymous said...

FedGov created the problem and it wasn't accidental that shortages occurred.

"Ooops, it was an axident..." will be the official line, if ever the media reports the truth, which of course they won't because they are absolutely orgasmic over all of this. They made it all possible and have great pride for what they have done to America and her people.

They, the media, are in charge and they love it!

They write the stories and true or not, their word is what the people see and base their decisions upon. So they can lie at will and cause the unravelling and destruction of the nation, her people and liberty.

If anything goes wrong, they can blame it on their enemies because there is no cost to them in telling more lies, only profit and position.

Anonymous said...

Yep! Of all the ammunition that one can use, re-use, and reload, .22 isn't one of them. One time use only.

I wonder if I could buy .22 drawn brass, and what it would take to set up my own .22 manufacturing?

B Woodman

Matt said...

That's the way I've felt about .22LR for the last 9 months. I may get lucky this week, though - I've built a relationship with a local dealer who said he is getting a truck Tuesday and will hold some for me.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Obama is preparing the United States for surrender !!!
Check it out here: