Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yeah, right. Collectivist wishful thinking collides with practical politics.

"This Is How the NRA Ends The bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived."
But also read "Bloomberg’s Gamble: Risking the Democratic Senate Majority for Gun Control." and this: "Gun issue's impact surprises Democrats."


Anonymous said...

It's not wishful thinking here in Illinois. Supposed gun rights groups are in full stand down mode - directing their sheep to bow down all PRINCIPAL and join anti gun ZEALOT Micheal Madigan in supporting the "strictest shall issue legislation in the country".

The NRA was tossed out of the equation entirely in the eleventh hour even after being conned into supporting every concession under the sun. And now the "leadership" is reduced to begging people to support MADIGAN!

Rather than "stand and fight" here in Illinois, all the "leading" gun rights groups are in full concession and begging mode. Pathetic.

Why do collectivist a think they are whipping NRA ass as a paper tiger? Because here in Illinois THEY ARE! And to make it worse, the NRA isnt even standing much less fighting. Well, at least not the anti rights zealots anyway. They are fully engaged in hammering anyone daring to actually stand on principal refusing to bow to the Chicago machine. The groups hush dissent, threaten bans for speaking up with straight truth and, well, they will forever have to live with the DAMAGE their antics are doing. They will find themselves claiming to oppose the very legislation affects they now support. Sad it is to witness such selling out happening. These groups are doing more damage to the Second Amendment Movement than any gun control group ever could. This because they absolutely REFUSE to stand up for the very right they claim to organize in defense if.

Serious rot exists here in Illinois and every gun owner, every patriot across this country, ought to take notice of it.

Particularly egregious was the Memorial Day post by the ISRA. Reading it and comparing the actions is one of the largest disparities I've ever seen outside an Obama speech. The FIX is in in Illinois- and every Citizen in this country is going to be negatively affected by it. The very best litigation ammo that existed was squandered and the NRA lead the way to that happening. Truth hurts. They said hush - don't talk about "the bill". They said be patient. Don't talk about individual legislators positions out in the open. Shhhhh. Be patient. Uh huh. Look what THAT. got us - HOSED. They argued AGAINST simple and straightforward recognition of the Second Amendment and have arranged the KEEPING if statutes that were adjudicated as unconstitutional. DISGUSTING!

Anonymous said...

Imagine a cartoon with a naked Bloomie on a spavined white mule charging towards some good looking NRA chicks with guns - with his limp dick in one hand ... shouting: "I am sorry! I am sorry! ... but Dianne (Feindswine), Barbara (Boxers) & Nancy (Pelosi) just don't do it for me anymore!"

Pass it on!


Anonymous said...

A most interesting ani of "factoids" for the "LOW/NO" information sheeple to graze upon ! The "realities", however are far different than portrayed. Thanks to our President NRA membership has spiked, gun and ammunition sales have skyrocketed, and the numbers of 1st-time purchasers of firearms likewise. significantly, (at least to me), is the increasing percentage of these new purchasers being female !

FWIW, I've long held the "key" to thwarting any gun control scheme is attracting females to the shooting sports. Women - by their nature/nurture- are "preservers" . I suspect (but don't know) many of the new buyers view possession of a firearm as an "equalizer' (ala Sam Colt's alleged dictum) only to become lured by other aspects of the shooting sports.

IAC, the real world data shows per/capita firearms ownership soaring, NICS the same, every manufacture backordered, and ammunition manufacturers unable to meet demands. IOW "reality" doesn't jive with the allegations of the cited article ! >Jeff

Anonymous said...

People have been predicting the death of the NRA since the days when the membership stood at 1.8 million.