Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When the rest of society increasingly looks like Sodom and Gomorrah, I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise.

10,700 men raped in the US military.
While men are statistically more loathe to report their sexual victimization than are women, 10,700 male soldiers, sailors and airmen in 2010 actually reported their sexual assaults. What this means is not totally clear, since men are cannot technically be raped, (!?!?!) despite the term being regularly used in the recent hearings on the matter.
We used to execute rapists, of whatever stripe. Can you really say we're better off now because we no longer do? Heck, with DNA and other forensic advances, we have less reason NOT to execute the bastards these days.


William Flatt said...

Men can be raped. It is called forcible sodomy, and it happens with disturbing frequency in prisons. I know, I used to work there.

The Bible prescribed death for rapists, and those who practiced the lifestyle of sodomy.

God annihilated Sodom and Gomorrah for this sort of behavior. No warning, no appeal. And Americans had better decide whether they are going to tolerate this sort of behavior in their communities and states, or not... before God starts withdrawing mercy and dealing out some punishment.

Cuz when that happens, it's gonna be biblical!

Anonymous said...

Show me an example of just how God gives mercy. I can't say I've ever seen anything i would call God's mercy. If God was handing out mercy, then perhaps we wouldn't have the president we have now. Most things folks call "God's mercy" are just coincidences.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

How's that military gay-thing working out for you? The left opened the floodgates back in the 80's when Commierado "legislator" Patricia Schroeder started using the all-volunteer Army as a social petri dish. I saw it when I went back into the Army reserves in '79. The "enlisted women" were able to make rank on their backs. And, rape started to rear it's ugly head, but it usually involved male NCOs and female recruits. And it was almost always black-on-white.
There is an upside to this. The more the military degenerates, the more edge FREEFOR will have when the SHTF. Think about it. All you have to contend with, for the most part, is a bunch of slack-jawed disgruntled victims who joined for: "three hots and a cot". You just might stand a better chance of prevailing. And, if we get into an "economic correction", you may see our "troops" selling equipment out the back door of the barracks. Remember what happened when the USSR melted down in '89.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's going to boost morale. 10,000 a year who are going to reconsider the whole 'team player' thing. Sick and wrong.

BTW, thanks for preserving anonymous commenting. Many 'freedom-loving' blogs either can't, or won't, allow it, thus I don't comment.

Paul X said...

Empires are maintained by theft, murder, torture and rape. Always have been; always will be. We shouldn't be surprised. (This theme is investigated in L. Neil Smith's book "Henry Martyn".)

Dr.D said...

Rape is about power not sex, it is a way to assert that "I have the power and you are helpless to stop me". A certain segment of our society always needs to assert it's power over others, it's not restricted to the left or right. Its the Sociopaths hiding in political office and in positions of authority in the Military. It has always been there in some form, and most likely will always be there to some degree, make it known that it will NOT be tolerated and that it that it will be ruthlessly rooted out and punished at every opportunity.

Dr. D
for the Republic III%

AJ said...

IMO, it could be awful bad for your health to rape someone who might 'accidentally' shoot you at a later date. Just sayin'.

Sixgun Strategic said...

Sexual assault isn't necessarily rape. Even in the military (possibly especially in the military) "sexual assault" as a term covers a wide range of behavior. It can be verbal, such as lewd suggestions, or physical, like being groped or similar, in a way that is obviously not the usual military-grade barracks interaction.

Certainly some of this is going to be a result of the newly-empowered homosexual component, but some is as likely to be unwanted interaction with female personnel.

Joseph P. Martino said...

One reason for not making rape a capital crime. It gives the rapist an incentive to kill the only witness, and thereby escape punishment altogether. Saving capital punishment for murder gives the rapist an incentive to let the victim live.