Monday, May 20, 2013

Two members of Hostage Roasting Team die in training accident.

Quantico-Based FBI Agents Killed in Training Accident


Anonymous said...

The FBI leases a sealift command ship? Boggles the mind.

idahobob said...

Awwww Gee, ain't that just too bad?


Anonymous said...

I find it suspicious when cause of death is not told.


SWIFT said...

The Hostage Rescue Team.....has participated in hostage situations more than 800 times in the U.S. and elsewhere since 1983; most notably at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Like Ruby Ridge and Waco, many of the 800 deployments were not hostage situations at all, unless you count the hostages held by the FBI itself. RIP to the two dead agents, but the FBI would do well to dispense with the propaganda. No matter how much of it they shovel, too many of us know the truth of their domestic terrorism.

Unknown said...

I don't think there's anything suspicious about the accidental deaths, with any elite paramilitary units, there is risks of deaths on the realism of the training in place.
Though they may be conservative in the disclosure of the death is always the protocol.
At this point we don't have all the details, hopefully soon.
FBI Hostage Rescue members in Training Accident

Anonymous said...

gee, alotta time between reporting deaths and divulging details.

enough time to get everyone's story and timeline straight?

Anonymous said...

Karma - or eradication of potential whistleblowers???


William Flatt said...

Sounds like a couple of JBT's goofed up on their fast-roping skills and ended up making an omelet of themselves, tsk tsk.

Karma is indeed a bitch. Still waiting on SA Jamar and SA Rogers' unscheduled appointment with Ms. Karma and her unflinching exactitude. Jamar, Rogers, and all the others whose jackbooted thuggery made Ruby Ridge and Waco the tragedies they are.

The same sort of karma that catches up with the likes of Janet 'Bull Dyke' Reno, who has terminal Parkinson's disease and is a complete cripple who can't stop shaking. When the old hag dies, I will smile and sing a song of joy. May she burn in hell, for a long long time!!

Anon @ 7:51, these JBT's are not whistleblowers. No one who gets accepted into the HRT bucks the management. They are yes men who as SWIFT points out are all hit men and thugs who exist for the near-exclusive purpose of being the heavy cudgel of tyranny. (Ok, not Swift's words exactly but you get the point...)

This is best exemplified by FBI assassin Lon Horiuchi, who has evaded justice for the people he murdered on direct orders of men like Richard Rogers, whose illegal alteration of the RoE to "kill everyone on sight" made Ruby Ridge & Waco the outstanding examples of federal tyranny that we have come to expect as the new normal.

May they all burn slowly in hell, for they have earned it.