Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Someone somewhere once said that God’s not picky about whom He choose to do His work."

So, I can't tell. Is Farago endorsing Kokesh's "armed march"?
Kokesh’s Open Carry March on Washington is an extremely dangerous development—for the armed protestors involved, the police (and their credibility), the gun rights movement and the gun control movement. But then so was the American Revolution. Just sayin’. You in?


Anonymous said...

This is as screwball an idea as building a fort out in the middle of Bumfuck , hoping the Reich will be intimidated and stay away . Listen up numb nuts ; these people will be giving the leftist douchenozzles the goose on a golden platter. Parade down Pennsylvania ave. with loaded weapons , and your all going to one of Alex Jones bogeyman camps. That's " IF " they`re lucky , if not they will all be gunned down by people who are praying for something like this , so they can put on a big show against an easily overwhelmed group." Discretion is the better part of valor " .How fuckin stupid can some of these people get .

Anonymous said...

And if they gun them down, Anon at 3:58 on May 18th.....then what?

Are you just going to sit there and say, "Well, they had it coming. They didn't follow the unconstitutional regulation of our right to keep and bear they deserved it."

If nothing else, if this march comes to slaughter, perhaps....just maybe...we'll wake the fuck up and realize that we are already at war with these collectivist bastards.

I've commented before: I DON'T think this march is a good idea, and I believe Kokesh is ONLY in this for himself, but regardless of the outcome, it *could* be the spark that ignites the long overdue revolution.....While I'm definitely not ready to have another civil war (especially since our country lacks a moral compass that will likely devolve any such effort into chaos and ultimately tyranny) we ain't getting any younger.

Ashrak said...

The NRA GOA and SAF should have teamed up to organize a protest. I called on the NRA and ISRA to do so here in Illinois but was pushed aside. I warned that it would come to pass eventually and then it would be something just like this. Where the "leader" is questionable and the circumstances dangerous.

Instead the NRA the ISRA and other groups poo poo the idea and not only demand disarmed protests but even tell people "proper attire". Those organizations have, by their own INACTION on this point have brought it to this. As I've said before, this IS a great idea and its happening the way it is because the national advocacy groups have, in part, become that which they claim to oppose. As such they are behind the people they claim to represent instead of out in front. In essence they are leading from behind just like Barry- functioning as a drag instead of as a plow moving forward.

If the NRA will not lead then they are going to witness more of this. Why? Cuz folks are FED UP with being served a crap sandwich and being told ENDLESSLY to be "patient" and to "trust" the "leadership".

I suggest "leadership" do some SERIOUS soul searching and RECOGNIZE that We The People are SUCK AND TIRED of being OUTRIGHT DENIED our rights and that if those entities will NOT act NOW then We Will. And that those groups lose more and more credibility each and every day that they do not.

No permission slips. No qualifications. No "deals". No concessions. No poll taxes. ACTUALLY STAND AND FIGHT (not just say it ).

davy crocket said...

Martin Luther King Jr “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.”

The battle of Athens,TN is another example of an idea that a lot of folks said was bad but worked out well for the parties involved.

I do not support Westboro baptists either but I do support their right to assemble whether I agree with their agenda or not. Same goes for these folks.

You fear your government taking your rights because of the actions of a few others?

If you refuse to support revolutionaries because of your fear going to jail or other government reprisals then you now know how much your freedom is worth to you.

Imprisonment is a cheap price to pay for ensuring the freedom of future generations. You do care about the children right? You want them to live in a free country right?
If you do not support them because some media pundit told you it was a bad idea then you are fool and deserve what you have help create. Think for yourselves.

Do you suffer from the fantasy of a better time in the past where all men were created equal and lived free lives unencumbered by an oppressive government? Do not feel alone lots of people have the same delusion.

If our rights are given to us by our creator, not the government and they are unalienable, then why do you fear losing them so much? Perhaps because of conditioning from years of propaganda by a government controlled media?

Of course they will tell you that resistance is futile and that we do not stand a chance in a fight against their superior numbers, strength of arms etc. You believe them too don't you?

"A free people claiming their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate."

If they decide to march and accept the consequences of their actions then it is ok by me.I support their freedom to assemble peaceably and redress their grievances to the government but is this a well planned direct action? No. Is it going to change anything? I don't know and neither do you.

Is it a bad idea? Well all he pundits, bloggers and political prognosticators seem to think so. Who are we to think for ourselves and make an informed decision?

Is Kokesh a nut? I do not know nor care, if he and his supporters chooses to do this the responsibility lies with him not the gun owners.

Are all gun owners are responsible for all illegal uses of firearms committed by others? No.

I love how so many "experts" have this amazing ability to predict the future and how they always seem to know in advance how things will turn out.What a gift! The amazing power to predict the outcome of an event that may or may not happen.

Propaganda, disinformation and out right lies abound these days don't they?

Perhaps it is just a feint by the big G to see how much support the 2A movement really has? Perhaps it is a way to identify the " radicals nd reels" too.

Seems, that the 2A movement is all bark and has no teeth.

My prediction is-You'll just keep backing up because you fear your government.

Shut up and obey, Slaves, because you were told-any Resistance is futile.

If not now then when?

Anonymous said...

I think Mike has earned the 'street' credibility to criticize Kokesh honestly, not with paid hack (here's looking at you Clifford Kincaid) or Establishment RINO agendas that others have brought. For example in Kincaid's case, he applauded the Capitol Police for thuggishly slamming Kokesh to the ground when for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. As if that use of force was in any way shape or form justified.

The latest 'resisting arrest' charge seems based on Kokesh instructing the crowd to huddle up to make grabbing the pot smokers harder. I suspect the charges will likely get dropped eventually, but maybe the whole point is simply either to give himself the 'out' of a court date around the march on the 4th (even if the courts are closed for the holiday) or alternatively the Establishment really did fear this march and wanted to pluck the leader.

No matter, as a smart veteran remarked over at the Washington Post thread on Kokesh (which is a sight to see if only for the number of bloodthirsty lunatics or DHS plants calling for the marchers to be machine gunned down or droned) the optimal outcome would be a march bearing unloaded arms up to the bridge but not cross it. Let the cops stare down and bring out their full police state garb and MRAPs for the cameras. Then walk away from the bridge threshold back into Virginia having let the D.C. fascists know these people won't disarm.

Praying that the marchers don't bring anything loaded and get provocateured/provoked into an incident useful for the collectivists.

Anonymous said...

Ashrack said:

"If the NRA will not lead then they are going to witness more of this."

More of what? Exactly what is "this"? Here is Kokesh's latest statement of intent:

"There are only two ways this goes down. 1) Obama issues an order to the DC Chief of Police who has pledged to violate the Constitution and we execute our plan with a police escort. 2) We are not allowed to enter the District and will halt the formation well before the line at which point, with the whole world watching, we will declare the federal government illegitimate, and peacefully disperse."

Wow! What a hard-core stand! They "will halt the formation well before the line" and .... puss the fuck out and go home - oh, I mean "peacefully disperse."

In other words, they won't do jack shit, and that is their intent from the get-go.

Yeh, the leaders of the NRA, GOA, etc really need to do stuff like that. That's the ticket!

Talk tough, about armed resistance and overthrowing the government, but then have a total pussy parade.

Have fun doing a meaningless march where you stop well before the police line, run your trap, and then go fucking home without even engaging in civil disobedience. About as meaningful as a fart in a tornado.

But hey, you get to say you did SOMETHING, and can call anyone who didn't go there just to walk toward the cops and then puss out "well before the line" a bunch of cowards for not wasting their time.