Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So why did the armed cowards execute him, then?

Man who knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when shot


Roger J said...

Probably he was killed because he might have raised embarrassing questions if brought to trial. Dead men tell no tales, and also don't reveal false flag ops or anything else. Expect to see the inquiry end with a 'justifiable' ruling - this is, after all, the Holder DOJ.

SWIFT said...

Holder investigates Holder. The FBI investigates the FBI. Oh my! It's no wonder a growing number of Americans hate these immoral thugs.

Anonymous said...

As Steve Sailer wrote about the Boston bombing, without going full Alex Jones, America just gets more Chechnya like all the time. As in shot in the back while trying to resist arrest Kadyrovsti style, in the case of the FBI lying about this guy brandishing a knife.

The problem is too many dumbasses out there think just because a guy like Thor Halvorssen might be against Hugo Chavez and his socialist successors (good) that makes him a nice guy who's terrorist hugging (Ahmed Zakayev et al and the other respectable Londongrad/istan front men for the Beslan butchers) can be excused. Um, no guys. Sometimes the lefty globalists like Sid Blumenthal's kid attack the Right globalists just to bolster each other's street cred, ya dig?

Anonymous said...

No doubt his answers to questions didn't match the party line. If it didn't seem like he was coachable, or able to be made to lie outright, BANG! Whoops, he had a gun, er, knife, bottle, yeah that's it.

No need for witness tampering when the witness is dead. :D

Anonymous said...

Q. Why do dogs lick themselves?

A. Because they can.

Anonymous said...

There's an 800lb gorilla in the Boston false flag room, and it's name is Craft International. Of which, if you were paying attention to videos of the moment and aftermath, their agents were all over the place..each got it..the exact black backpack that was allegedly used by the brothers.

Of course, not one word on MSM. Frankly, this whole Boston thing stinks to the Terror Factory high heaven.

I really began suspecting something was fishy when I watched this video.

Watch it. Then watch it again. How many helicopters can fit over a small piece of property as shown in the video? Watch how many views were taken at the moment some kind of blast occurs in the windshield. There's a front view, side view, and rear view, all simultaneously showing the blast, even though the police claimed there was only ONE helicopter. Unless they've figured out how to manipulate physics, me thinks something stinks big time. Just like 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Before we get on a conspiracy bender, lets apply Occam's razor. The simplest explantion would be that these FBI agents decided to commit an extra-judicial killing in retalliation for Boston, just like "The Americans" on TV. I think that is what most likely happended here.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstood me, I didn't say he had a gun, I said he had a tongue.