Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shotgun executive taken into custody at Colo. gun show on cabbie terror tip

Latest terror hysteria/hoplophobic insanity.


Anonymous said...

Societal Dystopia, On Steroids. Odd, How Cab Drivers North of 49th Look Like Terrorists, and Always Were a Veritable Encyclopedia of where to Obtain All things Illegal.
This Driver would be Considered Oddball. Bad Trip No Tip.

Cederq said...

Fly into Colorado, hail a cab, get in, the driver says "How ya doing?"
Your only response? "I have a right to remain silent, I will only answer questions with my lawyer present." "Where to mac?" says the cabbie. Again the rider says "I will remain silent." Moral of the story, cab companies go broke.

Not the Original Idaho Bob

SWIFT said...

I hope this Italian gun maker sues. Not nickles and dimes, but go for the big bucks. The issue could have been settled as he emerged from the cab at a GUN SHOW. The Denver Police need to start hiring people with an IQ above 60. I would make that part of the settlement. I could see this type of behavior in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, NY and Connecticut, but Colorado, my, my ,my. These local programs for reporting "suspicious behavior", have FED written all over them. They stem directly from the left-wing love affair with the FBI and Homies.

Anonymous said...

He was 'taken in to custody' by Denver PD - even though Adams County PD was AT the collectors show and knew who they guy was.

He was fairly quickly released because TWO lawyers were in the cab with him.

His prototype firearms were returned and he was told to leave town by midnight.

Expect a nice lawsuit within a month or so...

fireplaceguy said...

This is like holding a car show and arresting Enzo Ferrari for being a terrorist. (Unfortunately, it's also the exact same grandstanding dumbfuckery that got Erik Scott murdered by Vegas cops nearly three years ago.)

This is where I live. The Mart has hosted the annual Colorado Gun Collector's show (and also the more or less monthly Tanner gun show) for decades. They're in unincorporated Adams County, so if Denver PD made the arrest, they were out of their jurisdiction. I have a call in to someone I know at the Mart and will update after I hear back from them, if I learn anything new.

I see a big silver lining in this debacle - namely that almost all of the big money shotgunners believe they're above the 2nd Amendment fray. Very few are involved in any way in the gun rights movement. The groundless arrest of someone named Perazzi is a wake-up call that no one's immune from the mounting tyranny. Those folks don't read Sipsey Street, so we need to be proactive and spread the word in that world.

fireplaceguy said...

Heard back from my contact at the Mart. They were unaware of the incident, but he had Googled Perazzi before he called me back and was both suitably impressed and shocked at what happened.

Turns out the Adams County Sheriff leases space for a substation right there at the Mart, so if that was Denver PD they were pretty stupid about jurisdiction. Add to that the fact that Doug Darr - the Adams County Sheriff, seems to be one of the good guys in this whole mess - he's one of the many Colorado Sheriffs suing the state and promising to not enforce the new gun laws!

I knew the Mart folks were very happy with their gun shows, but didn't know until this call that they had just inked a ten year extension to the Tanner show's contract.

fireplaceguy said...

This just gets curiouser and curiouser...

Just after my last post here, I went to the Perazzi website and read the press release that Codrea subsequently heard about and posted.

I then spoke (twice) with the Adams County Sheriff's PIO (public information officer). At first, he seemed genuinely unfamiliar with the situation. He was polite and professional, yet seemed open and truthful. He promised to get back to me today and he did, but I'll get to that in a bit...

I then called Fox 31 TV News. The reporter who ran the story wasn't in, but a gal in the newsroom looked at the notes and told me the story was confirmed through Adams County dispatch.

Adams County dispatch got very huffy with me, and spoke in that bureaucrat-speak that tells you nothing. I then spoke with the Denver PD PIO and she said she had no idea what was going on, and no indication they had been in contact with anyone named Perazzi.

Just before 5:00 PM, the Adams County PIO called me back, as promised. He had been working on this all afternoon. He says that thus far there is no record of any contact between any of their deputies and anyone named Perazzi. He told me someone in dispatch was now manually reviewing EVERY recorded dispatch call from that day, and until that process was complete he wanted to say "almost certain" but stopped short of saying anything absolute. He had seen the Perazzi press release as well, and asked me (sincerely) if I thought this had even happened.

I've known Codrea's source - Steve Schreiner - for decades. I like him, but he has lost a lot of credibility with me by backing first McCain and then Romney. These scum are not friends of liberty in any way.

Also, for well over a decade, Steve has aspired to be elected to the NRA board, which he finally was. These scum are not friends of liberty in any way either, and I suppose some loss of personal integrity could easily accompany such a goal.

Unfortunately, I ran over and destroyed the old cellphone that had Schreiner's number in it, so he's the one player in this I haven't talked with. I'm not sure that would matter, though: I have NO idea - not even a gut feeling - who's telling the truth here. Codrea has backed away from the story, which strikes me as the smart thing to do.

Interestingly, the Adams County PIO gave me his cell number, and asked me to call him if I learned anything definitive.

All I know is, sooner or later, someone's gonna be mighty embarrassed...