Friday, May 17, 2013

Praxis: 'Stealth Drone' Boats

Remote controlled, invisible to radar and can travel at 60mph; Range of 600 nautical miles and can loiter for ten days without refuelling


Anonymous said...

Read the "Times Pick" top comments. The number of apologists for the IRS is just staggering, and sickening.

Anonymous said...

Looks as if Designed by a Grade Eighter, whose been Over Dosed on a Tainted Vaccine. I have Grade Nine, and would like to Capture one of these to add Stripes, NASCAR and STP Decals, Stereo, Cup and Rodholders, Beer Fridge, Dancing Girls, etc. Drones, Yawn.

Anonymous said...

thing needs to be Captured and Sent back in to its Home Harbor, Guns Blazing, While Flying the Skull n Bones. Kap'n Krunch's New Villain on the Cereal Box. The Look on His Face... Bizarro World.

Anonymous said...

targting pirates? yeah, sure.

more likely the "pirates" are those who would escape tyranny in their own AOs

bet there are smuggling applicatioons for this too

William Flatt said...

This idea will last only as long as the first torpedo sinks one, or an EMP gun shuts it down.