Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Our American Pravda"

The major media overlooked Communist spies and Madoff’s fraud. What are they missing today?


Anonymous said...

This article itself is what it decries - truth mixed with subtle omissions to shape opinion.

One example, Bernard Kerik, although a dirtbag who eventually found his proper place, is indeed a high school dropout.
What the article omits in order to further diminish Kerik is the fact that later he earned his GED, and went on to earn a BS in Public Administration.

So then, it would seem, even skeptics who profess to expound ultimate truth that others ignore, often themselves shade the truth to their liking.

Anonymous said...

The article comes to a correct end conclusion (distrust of the media because of lies of omission and comission) but via a biased and faulty route (lies of omission and comission).
Pure propaganda.

B Woodman

petie3 said...

That comment is an insult to Pravda. Pravda is no longer the USSR house organ, in fact they are passionately anti-communist and well aware of their history. Don't think they are pro-American either. They generally like Putin and despise Obama, mostly for his double-dealing and baldface lies. They do cover stories our press ignores, and to get some balance to our world-view they're on our must-read list.

Anonymous said...

The press does miss things, but not a whole lot. But they do have limited space and/or air time to work with. As a result they have to pick and choose which stories to cover. That's where the bias comes in. Far left editors and producers cannot be expected to cover the news the way Mike or David would. They went to journalism school at far left institutions run by far left deans and were taught by far left professors to go out there and "change the world".

And that's what they intend to do.

We're back to the old saw about the scorpion begging the frog to give him a ride to safety. Don't ever plan on the far left press to do anything inconsistent with who they are.