Sunday, May 19, 2013

Logistics: "While the shortages are largely gone, buying is still very heavy."

Don's gun show report for May 18th


William Flatt said...

Of course. Everything now is just dress rehearsal for war.

"This period of relative calm and supply normalcy will last only until the next inevitable Democrat anti-gun outrage again stirs unprecedented demand."

And given that the Demonrats most likely have paid attention to the lag time between December 15 and now for the supply chain to recover, their next move will be to time their outrages at the 4-month mark (or less?) so the citizens' market NEVER recovers while they continue to stockpile more ammo. I just heard that another 800 million round purchase is imminent; whether they keep it secret or not will depend on patriots within the ammunition industry leaking the news to the rest of us.

Additionally, I am interested in knowing from anonymous quarters if there is sufficient interest in subsonic .32 ammo, specifically loaded to be used with the Liberator 3D pistol. If there is enough interest, I will post info on where to go to get this ammo.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Atlanta is in a magic bubble of ample supply and lower prices, because MidwayUSA, Cabela's, etc. are still pretty much out of everything.
The local Gander Mountain has a good supply of ammo, but the prices are still sky high on EVERYTHING except Rio shotshells.

Dakota said...

I was in my favorite gun shop on Friday, things looking much better for sure.
I counted 14 AR pattern rifles of various manufacturers, and calibers, 5 AK rifles, and 1 M1A. Prices are still a little high but settling down now. 22 LR CCI hollow points 100 ct. selling for $12, non hp $9. Not a lot but some, other brands including probably a few thousand.
5.56, 308, and the 2 commie 30 calibers pretty fair supply.
Reloading components were better, still can't get my powder but others in stock ... no 8 lb ers though, primers, a few thousand, quite a few new cases in stock. Brisk business ... 2 months ago there was maybe 5 semi auto handguns in stock, now 30 or so. 9 MM seems to be the magic thing to find, none in stock has 50,000 rounds ordered.
All in all things are better, which is good. Don't panic and buy from gun broker yet ... it's settling down.

Anonymous said...

Observe, Record, See Say.

HyperVelocity is not King.
CannonBalls Deserve a ComeBack. Anyone Seen the MythBusters Segment on These?
In SloMo A 300 fps 8 Pounder went through Three hanging Pig Carcasses as if passing thru Jello.
A Driver in Vancouver was Killed by a Fire Hydrant Cap Picked up and Thrown through his Windshield by the Dual Rear Wheels on a passing Truck.
Slow Cooking is Good. Gives Flavors to the Math. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

No brass. No ammo in most calibers, No powder, except for shotshells.

Been that way for months. Several different large stores.

What you can buy is laughably expensive.

I've stopped buying and looking and going out of my way to do it.

You do what you want with your money but if you encourage them by purchasing when you know you are being gouged, oh well...

Anonymous said...

I've seen no real break (south Texas). There's a bit more availability, but not much. Online availability and prices haven't changed much in a while. EVERYONE I know will be stocking up to levels 3-5 times higher than pre-Newtown levels, just to avoid being without while still being able to practice. This doesn't bode well for a good supply situation in the next year at least. The early morning lines at Wallyworld, Academy and Bass Pro haven't abated one bit since January (and, in fact, now people are staking out places in line at 3 or 4 in the morning to get .22LR).

Add to that the fact that the is still shredding brass cases that it used to sell, and that there are billions of rounds of imported ammo sitting in warehouses awaiting federal approval for release, and you have a recipe for no improvement.

Oh, and if you think that there's been a shortage for a while, wait for Odumbo to ban the importation of ammo, components and guns at some point. I usually don't believe a thing he says (I'd look up if he told me that the sky is blue), but on the gun issue I believe his threats to "do something."