Friday, May 17, 2013

Latest condemnation of the Kokesh march from ex-spook T. Stephen Eggleston.

"You Must REJECT The Armed March on Washington."


WarriorClass III said...

Then we are to remain good slaves to governmental tyranny? Since when is exercising your rights unpatriotic? None of the arguments presented stand up to scrutiny.

Mike if you are against this march, please present us with your own reasons. Are we not going to do the same thing in Texas? Do we not have the same reasons for doing it in D.C.?

Ed said...

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Nowhere do I see any mention of asking for permission from the DC Police.

Ashrak said...

Reason number one - Code Pink.

This cat is setting people up and trying to help the loyalists deter REAL protesters from doing this.

With the Gregory ammo mag debacle starting to summer, the BEST thing Kokesh could do is embrace the idea Pericles posted here several days ago. March with 30 rounders INSTEAD of carrying arms. The SAME POINT is made with NO REASON for LEO to SHOOT people.

Kokesh should take that advice. At this point I don't think he will and he will call the whole thing off. Mission accomplished. This is all hype and NOT in favor of Second Amendmemt Advocacy. Kokesh is playing a game, a dangerous one at that.

I support this idea but its the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Oh and my name is indeed Mike. ;)-

David Forward said...

@WarriorClass: RE - "Then we are to remain good slaves to governmental tyranny? Since when is exercising your rights unpatriotic?"

No call to remain "good slaves," just smart rebels. We need to pick and chose our battles so that we can raise the odds of winning -- outright and/or public agreement/sympathy -- favor us and not the corrupt tyranny claiming to be our masters.

Before any military/paramilitary action the wise leaders will first weigh what the objective and true benefits of a successful execution will produce against what will be lost in a futile, failed operation.

To begin with, such an armed march will be labeled by the government and well supported by their lapdog media as an armed insurrection against a "legally" elected and constituted government. In essence (and fact) it will provide the government with "justification" -- again, by the corrupt government, and the lapdog media, selling it to the sheeple -- to respond with whatever force appropriate in their opinion.

At the best for the marchers it will mean some will get their guns confiscated along with a felony conviction on their record (with all that entails). At worst, a provocateur will pop of a round (even a blank) and by incompetence on the part of the metro police and intent of the fed gestapo thugs, the marchers will be fired upon resulting in mass death and/or maiming -- followed by arrests, gun confiscation and felony convictions. RESULT: Massive show of "effective" homeland security against domestic terrorism and "justification" for more violations of civil liberties and gun restrictions across the board. WINNER: Corrupt government by a large margin.

I have called this march as will be viewed by the government and media as an "armed insurrection" before and had people say that was an overstatement or misconception as they believe it just "civil disobedience" against the government. However, the patriot community won't be the one getting to label the action -- that's the sole purview of the government and their lapdog media.

Not only does the fact of an armed group marching on the District of Corruption pretty much define itself as an armed insurrection, the "leader" of the march, Kokesh, calls it the same himself: “This is an armed revolt against the American government. Make no mistake about it. We are going with the aim of overthrowing the government.”

Good military leaders also evaluate every conceivable way to maximize the odds of success at the lowest cost (causalities) by exploring and analyzing the logistics of executing the operation. Somehow I fail to see the wisdom of funneling a march of armed patriots, with rifles slung on the shoulder, into a classic kill zone ambush point, the bridge -- restricted movement, lack of cover, restricting return fire -- which leaves them essentially sitting ducks for whatever happens whether it be just arrest or a firefight.

Based on the stated purpose of the march along with the visual message presented by the armed march this activity will be considered an armed insurrection regardless of how anyone participating may view it. So any hope or dream about gaining a PR advantage are shot to hell. Whether only arrest or death is the result, at the best it won't attract more people to the cause, and most likely, it will scare many fence sitters away -- net lose, patriots.

Funneling the armed marchers into a perfect natural kill zone is not only stupid, it's suicidal while proving no chance of operational success.

This march will have one outcome:

Win-win.......corrupt government (big time)

Lose-lose......patriots (big time)

Lose-lose......general population (big time as "justification" for restricting liberty, and especially guns, even more in order to fight "domestic terrorism")

Anonymous said...

What if..
he and his people do the march and end up being shot down in the street ?
What will we all do then ? Will we say they deserved it or that they had it coming for knowingly breaking the law or will we shoot back ?

I ask what if because they are also us as we are them.. we either all stand together or we all die alone.
What say you all ?

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, everyone is just scared to death that this could possibly take place.
I would think that people who see their 2nd amendment being slowly chipped away and are afraid of a right they shouldnt have to worry about being taken from them are used to being scared of what they may lose.
We gun nuts have been afraid every day since 2008, now the other side is afraid of what this march may result in. Both sides of the aisle know what this march may result in and thats why they hate the idea.
Can you imagine the day after a massacre took place because of this?

Anonymous said...

Yank III.....

I hope to God we all rise up should that scenario unfold, but unfortunately, I fear most of us are just blowhards.

Curtis said...

David Forward said... "No call to remain "good slaves," just smart rebels."

Want to know how long I have been watching you... cough... rebels, playing it "smart"?

And here we are. They are winning. Have been for some time. I guess you "rebels" ain't so smart after all... huh?

Oh yeah. Right. I know. But your time is coming... it just hasn't arrived yet. And yet. And yet. And yet.

Face it. Your time will never come. Not until that just right "smart" time comes. Eh?

David Forward said...

@Curtis: RE - "But your time is just hasn't arrived yet. And yet. And yet. And yet."

No, the time is right - each day of delay allows the corrupt government to diligently add to the subjugation of American society.

However, this march is a sucker's bet. There's no upside to be gained beyond massaging egos and finally "doing something," (you know, how the progressives pass laws that won't work because they have to do something!) and the downside is enormous. If you want to successfully go against a larger (for now), much better organized and equipped enemy, don't play to his strength. Find and exploit his weaknesses.

The coming civil war can't be won going toe-to-toe against the Leviathan as the patriots would be easily crushed. Yet, here's a questionable/kamikaze radio DJ proposing the first action be a meaningless march into the heart of corruption via a classic ambush corridor.

Whether the end result is just felony arrests or physical casualties, this operation couldn't have been underestimated and planned worse by General Custer.