Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Intentions of the enemy" and the true nature of the collectivist lies -- and liars. My talk at the Oath Keepers' meeting in New York.

You can tell that by this point in the trip I was exhausted and, in addition, I hadn't been planning on speaking but Stewart asked me to as the meeting opened, so I jotted some notes on a piece of paper and went with it.
You know, it is always mortifying for me to talk about this "Benedict Arnold period" of my life, but it is often necessary so that others may understand the larger battlefield we fight on.


Ashrak said...

Taught to lie -
And just where is that found in basic religious tenet?

America once stood for truth above all else and that is what gained us the label of The Great Satan. It is truth that all killer tomatoes fear the most. And it starts with the Koranic teachings. Communists and socialists of secular views adopted that most effective tactic in hopes Islam would eat them last, indeed in thinking it could then defeat Islam in the end. Alas, the Hitler experience taught th nothing and today they all believe their own lies.

They discount one main truth.
Freemen will always take up arms to defend Induvidual Liberty when it is threatened and tromped on enough. Americans are voting with their wallets today demonstrating that they have indeed had enough. Sadly, the liars and the lie believers are too short sighted and closed minded to see what is happening - again.

War is afoot, folks. Of this there is little doubt left.

Anonymous said...

We are living through Robert Heinlein's "The Crazy Years".

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Stewart Rhodes and Alex Jones :

Mike laid it out clearly at the end of that video.

So why is Rhodes associating with Jones?