Monday, May 6, 2013

Huffington Post seeks ‘gun violence’ stories from readers

Some comments under Spiering’s report suggested sending in stories of defensive gun uses. Anyone so inclined might also wish to give them what they ask for by sending them stories of “gun violence” focused on the kind perpetrated by agents of government.


Anonymous said...

If the Huffington Post wants to investigate something serious on gun control why not find and report on one -- just one will do -- life that has been saved by ANY of the thousands of gun control laws already in existence. Give it a shot, so to speak. We want to read about this in detail please.

Anonymous said...

I hear all this pissing and moaning about High Capacity gun magazines. Will we hear one single peep about the High Capacity motor vehicle that killed those ladies in the wedding party? I don't think so. If they had been in several "Smart Cars" instead of a Limo, fewer would have died. I recall hearing about certain cars long ago that would either burst into flames or go out of control all by themselves but I never have heard of proposed legislation to make cars either fireproof or have speed governors on them. Just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

We need to send in a bunch of reports from the "Armed Citizen" section of NRA monthly magazines. These articles show that people with guns prevent violent crime and property crimes against people. GUNS SAVE LIVES!

The "Huffington Post" is, of course, not interested in that.

- Old Greybeard