Friday, May 17, 2013

Federal 'smart gun' mandate going nowhere unless 'Only Ones' are exempted

The thing is, one does not need to be an "Only One" to have the right to choose not to gamble one's life on delicate, failure prone technology--technology that even if it works as designed, could make firing the gun with an injured hand (or one's non-dominant hand) impossible, or that could conceivably be shut down with a "kill switch," whether used by the government or by some other entity that wants you defenseless.


Anonymous said...

But that's the point ,Isn't it?

FedUp said...

This sort of tech makes more sense for LEOs than it does for the rest of us.

Unless, of course, the plan is to be able to remotely deactivate every gun except the guns the 'only ones' are carrying. But, in that case, the obvious answer would be to kill a LEO and use his gun, like the Boston bombers tried to do.