Friday, May 17, 2013

Court rejects prosecutor opposition to Reese joint representation

David's latest update on the Reese family agony comes with this well-aimed shot at the rest of us:
"This afternoon's Gun Rights Examiner report brings another in a series of rounds scored for the embattled Reese family, who continue to beat back their government persecutors, albeit without the level of support from gun owners they desperately need. I hate to sound like a broken record, or more accurately, I hate that I am forced to keep calling attention to the fact that not enough are stepping forward to do something so simple as to share a link or donate a dollar, and will thus repeat the admonition that if any of us are ever caught up in the government's net, we'd better pray someone will give a damn about our plight."


FedUp said...

Oh, well, it's not a total loss.

The persecutors got the Reeses to spend more money on their attorney's opposition to the persecution motion even though the motion got shot down.

Now that it's obvious these people are going to walk, the only thing the persecution has left to do is make the process as painful as possible. How dare they refuse to plea bargain just because they're innocent?

SWIFT said...

I can only wish that the 10th Circuit had made the ruling "with Prejudice". Still, whenever the corrupt U.S. Attorney's Office gets kicked in the balls, it is a good day. An excellent day would be watching them marched off to jail for prosecutorial misconduct. Till then, a kick in the balls will have to do.