Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Secret documents reveal DHS lied about tracking Americans on social media."

Big Sis lied. There's a big surprise.


SWIFT said...

In an administration where ALL agencies lie without recourse, I am not surprised when they get caught. The troubling thing for me is: the rarity that they get caught given the legions of lies they tell. I am well aware that every post I make here on Sipsey Street, winds it's way through a myriad of agencies and finds many homes, including the Fusion Center in Pittsburgh. No matter. I tell the truth as I know it, or believe it, and no one can intimidate me into submission. It would be, for me, like entering into a pact with the devil, to submit to sub-human scum agencies! Don't look for our gutless Congress to change ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

What was that saying about not being paranoid if there's really somebody after you?

Clearly they are deliberately attempting to silence and chill both reaction and free speech. I have no doubt that they are WAY more involved in monitoring the average "terrorist" American than we now know.

Very clearly this was never intended by our founders and those who are so engaged and those authorizing it have committed very grievous acts against both the people and national constitution. They very clearly also know this and don't care about it past granting lip service to both violations and breaches of both law and principles.

They are the law and have no principles other than those that benefit themselves and their "system." We belong to them now and they can do anything they want without consequences.

Anonymous said...

Exercise our right`s to free speech guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Make no threat`s keep your discourse civil and to the point,and there`s not a damn thing they can do about it.If the servant`s of the International Bankster`s and Oligarch`s take exception to it,Make them stand publicly and reveal themselves for what they are. The step`n fetchit`s of a wannabe tin pot fascist dictator!.This shit might fly in Kenya or Indonesia,but it WON`T WORK HERE!.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but notice the Obama For America link on this website.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet it wasn't the first time Uncle Janet Nappy crafted a BS story.

Anonymous said...

We have people in power so fucking stupid it's a mystery how they're even able to dress themselves in the morning.
Simply pointing out that the 2nd Amendment is the Founding Fathers intended safeguard against tyranny gets you on a "watchlist" these days.
The government has already set a self-fullfilling prophecy of self destruction in motion - the players are just too arrogant to believe it or too stupid to realise it.
Occasionally imprisoning the toothless boob who suffers from delusions of historical significance will not change that reality.