Monday, February 20, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: "Brady Campaign awards 'extra credit' to prove registration leads to confiscation."

"Blazing trails."


Happy D said...

It says everything that their ideal governmental model is on the verge of becoming a failed bankrupt state.

Anonymous said...

interesting stuff- the Cal Guns Foundation has been doing brisk business in attacking those same laws and law makers as well- and quite surprisingly, Jerry "MoonBeam" Brown, as CA AG wrote a "friend of the court" amicus brief in support of Heller in his case against the DC-

just sayin'

Uncle Al said...

[blockquote]The Brady Campaign's former acting president Dennis "What People?" Henigan mocks the "registration leads to confiscation" argument in his book, "Lethal Logic":

[blockquote]To put it bluntly, it is absurd for any serious policymaker to oppose registration or other gun control proposals on the ground that they eventually will cause the end of private gun ownership in America. To the NRA's objection that registration will lead to confiscation, it is entirely rational to respond: No it won't because you won't let it!

But it is not absurd to oppose registration proposals on the ground that they will result in attempted confiscation. And we know where that would lead.