Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some excellent posters by Will Profit: "Semi Literate Raconteur in Chief" at Capitalist Preservation.

Where his reason for existence is "Exposing the utter weightlessness of progressive logic."
Coming soon to a theater near you, starring Eric Holder as himself and the mainstream press as the principal cover-up artists:
Barry's Angels:


Uncle Al said...

But that guy in the red sweater does see and hear evil - every time he looks in the mirror or chats with his jefe.

Will Profit said...

I...I...I...can't believe this...linked by Sipsey Street Irregulars...I'd make a speech of grateful acceptance, but I'm heading out to a poker game and Happy Hours...or is it Happy Hours and a poker game...who cares...Thank you.

lagibby said...

That isn't Little Debbie's gargantuan ass.