Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boehner must be feeling the heat. He gets a "hunting buddy" to vouch for him. "Is this an accident? Is Boehner not in communication with Issa and making political calculations constantly about where this is going? . . . Only an idiot would think so."

"Boehner allegations fast & furious, but also false."
When I first came across these allegations, I was confident they were not true. I have hunted with John Boehner; had in-depth discussions with John concerning our Second Amendment rights; studied his politics; and have a clear understanding of how he views our God-given right to keep and bear arms. With all this in mind, I called his office to inform him of what had been published about him, in relation to the House Oversight Committee's Fast and Furious hearings. I also asked for some information to share that would help my fellow Second Amendment activists understand his position on Fast and Furious.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, while some people have exaggerated what I wrote, even without attribution, as far as what I wrote, I stand by my sources.
As another long-time student of the politics of gun-control and the GOP told me, "Look, Mike, I don't have your sources, but a second-grader could figure out two simple facts. First, that the GOP leadership has been intimately involved with decisions on the focus, direction and speed of the Issa committee's investigation from the very beginning. They wouldn't be 'leadership' if they weren't, especially on something this politically dangerous to Obama and the federal regime. Second, the investigation has not vigorously pursued all the clues that it has itself admitted that it had in the various letters to Holder, etc. . . . (and) that it has recently slowed down. Is this an accident? Is Boehner not in communication with Issa and making political calculations constantly about where this is going? . . . Only an idiot would think so."


kenlowder said...

Dear hunting buddy, a question, were john's lips moving when he talked to you about this? Yep, I thought so.

Anonymous said...


Read the same article this morning and wanted badly to comment but you can't do that on their site.

You are right Boehner is running the show on this and is now attempting to bob and weave so the punches don't land. That means that there are problems in Ohio that he wants to head off.

Those problems of which I speak are systemic within the republican party leadership in Ohio. They really want to be more like the northeastern states and can't understand it when you call them to bitch about them and their attitudes and actions. Just like the national party leadership, they're deaf as a post and happily so!

Dean Carder said...

oDutchman, you know that even with all the facts and evidence this going nowhere. The powers that be want to shove their crap in our faces every day until we finally react and then comes martial law, dictatorship and the end of America as we remember it. More power to you and your activities. I'm stocking up for that coming day.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that Boehner and the GOP "leadership" have slowed the investigation in an attempt to create the perfect timing for turning to heat back up at the height of election season. Perhaps that have a few aces up their sleeves we don't know about. Remember how McConnell stated the GOP's "#1 goal" is to remove BHO from office? Let's hope there's method to their madness. If not, God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Boehnor is a typical conuntry club republician. A tea party candidate from Clermont County is going to run against him in the primary. There are many of of in the district who will work hard to get rid of John Boy and elect someone with balls.

Anonymous said...

By their actions you will know them

Two Party Evil Money Cult.