Saturday, February 18, 2012

At American Thinker, Russ Vaughn has an excellent piece of Gunwalker Conspiracy analysis.

Project Gunrunner Wasn't Fast and Furious by Any Means.
A commenter on one of my Comments raised a possibility I had not previously considered. As soon as Obama was elected, gun owners across America, fearing just this kind of undermining of their constitutional rights by an administration incubated in Chicago, one of the most anti-gun metropolitan areas in America, began a furious buying of guns and ammunition. Ask anyone in the firearms industry, the Obama presidency has been the best sales stimulator they have ever experienced. Fearing that some form of federal ban or punitive excise tax might be forthcoming from this Chicago mob, I, like many millions of others, enhanced my personal arsenal and bought up large quantities of ammunition.
And that phenomenon raises the question postulated by the commenter: Was Fast & Furious a knee-jerk liberal reaction by an anti-gun administration that feared a quickly re-arming America? Plant guns in Mexico that could be eTraced back to the U.S. and then use that evidence to anger the American public into going along with stricter, federal gun control legislation? The obviously too-orchestrated claims by too many federal officials that ninety percent of the weapons confiscated following violent crimes in Mexico were simply too pat and too obvious to those of us who know something about the procurement of weapons. It simply made no sense whatsoever for the rich and powerful cartels to engage in nickel and dime purchases of semi-automatic* weapons in dribs and drabs across one of the most heavily-defended borders in the world when they could buy fully-automatic** weapons by the shipload from multiple sources around the world and at far lower prices. For that reason, folks in the know all around the world hoo-hawed at the Obama administration's blatantly phony attempts to link gun violence in Mexico to American-purchased arms. On the other hand, the lefties of the world ate it up.
We are faced with a clear reality: an armed citizenry represents a clear and present danger to those leftists and Marxists who would seek to render them a harmless and complacent herd. These same leftists and Marxists are joined in this belief with despots all across the political spectrum, and all around the world. Regardless of whether you are a left-wing dictator or a right-wing tyrant, you have to be keenly aware that an unarmed populace isn't likely to storm the palace and inflict fatal wounds upon those who have subjugated them.
I recall vividly talking to a former FBI analyst in the late Nineties on this very subject. He told me that the Constitutional militia movement didn't scare the analysts in the Hoover Building so much as did the movement coupled with the unintended consequences of firearm sales generated by the Brady Law and the AWB -- millions of semi-automatic rifles of military utility (more of that class of weaponry than had been previously sold in the previous two decades) and billions of rounds of ammunition were sold and stashed by American citizens -- even in the face of more expected restrictions, even confiscations. The analysts quickly realized, and passed on their conclusions to the Clintonista policy makers they served, that these weapons were not being purchased in order to be turned in with the next law but rather with a view to turning them ON the people who would pass that law and in resistance to it. This was a sobering and scary thought. Clinton's acts closing down the sources of Chinese SKS and AK rifles and 7.62x39 ammo, said the analyst to me, were not motivated by human rights considerations as claimed, but by the fear of such weapons and ammo in hands of American militiamen and women. As I recall, he was derisive at the flimsy excuse. "He wasn't worried about the lives of Chinese dissidents, he was worried about his own lily-white ass over gun control."
Yet the former Clintonistas who largely made up the Obama administration also recalled vividly the political costs of naked gun control -- the 1994 election debacle. Whatever they would do to advance their agenda had to be done, in the words of Obama to Sarah Brady, "under the radar."
Enter, stage left, the Gunwalkers.


Anonymous said...

It's a concentrated effort by the left in general. From Bloomberg's recent commercial, to NBC's latest story on "online" gun sales with "no background check" in Phoenix (home of the failed ATF Fast and Furious operation) to Calderon's publicity stunt......they are trying to push an agenda to the forefront.

Yet they don't seem to realize they are more unlikely than ever to garner public least until the false flag attack I believe they are likely planning OR.....the economy collapses and they get the "social unrest" and anarchy that will get most of the slaves begging the government to protect them.

TPaine said...

Like you, Mike, I've been around for a long time. I have been a conscientious citizen, voting and participating in government whenever I could. And I have seen (since I was old enough to know) all kinds of presidents and administrations come and go, with a little, or a lot, of fanfare. The last time I remember a major upset in the nation's equilibrium was Viet Nam, and before that, the equal rights battle.

But I have never seen the massive disdain, nay, hatred for the government as I have since Obama was elected. For the first time in my 65 year lifetime, I am watching my country prepare for a civil war, as it must have happened before the last one. And this weapons build-up among the citizenry is unprecedented in our history - it isn't because of an exterior enemy but of our own government.

We are looking at the beginning of the possible end of America as we knew it, and as was the original Revolution, the stakes are enormous. Patrick Henry's "give me liberty or give me death" speech is a haunting reminder of what we very likely will be called to do in the coming months. Our only hope is that the powers-that-be will realize what they are spawning, and stop this madness.

But then again, self-destruction may be the only option. May God have mercy on us all.

Unknown said...

I've been wondering for some time now if the economy being in a shambles is simply the result of crooked crony capitalism coupled with job-killing disincentives to hire, such as Obamacare, or is this nationwide bankrupting of the populace intended to encourage us, in our desperation to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads, to sell our guns, knowing that if enough of us sell our guns to local gunshops across the country, that ATF will only need to shut down all gunshops, seize their inventory, and then proceed to disarm the minority who might still have some firepower. Perhaps, if circumstances force us to sell guns to survive, then we should sell ONLY to private parties, thereby assuring people, not ATF will end up with all of the guns...

Gunny G said...

The Left has had their Gotterdammerung with Obama as they reached too far thinking that Americans has lost their patriotic fervor and pioneer spirit and THAT is due to their echo chamber think tanks!

We're very alive and ready to rock.

Molon Labe

bloodyspartan said...

We will win if we need to with the help of GOD and my fellow Americans and any one else who loves his ass free.

The problem is if these government employees feared us back then whom were they serving? Why fear the people they are honor bound to protect?
Me thinks something is been rotten in Denmark for a long time.

Good Luck and GOD bless to all you ugly 3% Bastards!

I.E. this ICE crap, whom do they work for?

""it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.""

This is our ULTIMATE OATH and we are bound to IT!!

pete said...

The simple proof that liberalism IS a mental disorder is that it is, and always has been, self-destructive.

Anonymous said...

I will never ever forget an incident during the Clinton years: On a sunday show the interviewer asked (then Deputy Attorney General) Holder to comment on pending gun legislation. The question was something about the 2nd amendment and Holder smiled and looked directly into the camera and said, "This administration does not believe individual citizens have the right to own guns." Chilling.
Like TPaine, I sincerely believe this will end with blood in the streets. I wish to God it were not so and I do not understand why those in power do not care.

Anonymous said...

These commies do not have "self" in their minds or understanding of life.

It is their borg aginst each of us, when needed we will work together as needed to defend our rights to be free individuals.

They will remain the borg of some size and influence forever.

Our jobs and duty is to make sure they never rule.

Anonymous said...

Remember, one of the motivating factors of Prez Clinton to ban self-loaders was the incident that happened to him when he was five years old.

His stepfather took a shot at his mother during a violent argument, and that shocking, loud incident as a child presumably scarred him permanently as a hoplophobe.

It was the strangest thing to watch him talk in the 1990s about guns on television; his emotions would just take him over, not something you would expect from a devious philanderer like him. So the incident left a big mark on his psyche.

Who would have thought the actions of an unknown alcoholic like Roger Clinton in 1951 during a drunk rager would have such national repercussions today? "Thanks, pal."

I always thought that a clever person who knew him could take that strong emotion and turn it to an advantage. Or a subtle psychological campaign of sorts waged by the right organization...

The NRA should have done it back in the mid-'90s--they knew about it, as I told ILA leadership personally when I found this out--but the political staff wasn't smart enough to do anything with it. I learned the ILA staff didn't have what it took to undertake a complex psyops program such as that. Hope someone else does.