Friday, February 24, 2012

John Hayward's take on the CBS revelations. "This is, by the way, how the Obama gun-walking operations were designed to work."

From Human Events.
This wasn’t part of Operation Fast and Furious, which was run out of Arizona. It was another gun-walking operation, running out of Texas. A second “walked” ATF gun was also recovered from the scene of Zapata’s murder, sold by a different group of people… who were also on the ATF radar screen. How many more of these gun walking fiascoes are there? Who knows? That question should be taken seriously: who knows?
This is, by the way, how the Obama gun-walking operations were designed to work. No credible attempts were made to follow or interdict the weapons, unlike the much smaller Bush-era gun-walking failure called Operation Wide Receiver, which put radio tracking devices on its guns. The entire point of Operation Fast and Furious, as well as offshoots like the Texas operation, was to recover the walked guns from murder scenes. One of those scenes involved a United States Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry. Another involved ICE Agent Jaime Zapata. A couple hundred more of them featured dead Mexican citizens.
Considerable effort has been invested in building a shield of plausible deniability around Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama. Holder’s shield became implausible deniability, once he committed perjury before Congress, and tried to defend himself by claiming he has no idea what most of the Justice Department is doing at any given time, does not communicate with anyone, and believes “lies” are entirely a matter of feelings.
It is, however, undeniable that either of these men could dispel the shroud of obfuscation surrounding the gun-walking murders by ordering full cooperation with congressional investigators, and the immediate provision of all documents lawfully requested by subpoena. They are both accountable for their refusal to do so.
What say you, Republican leadership? Is there enough blood on Eric Holder’s hands to get those impeachment hearings going yet, or do you need to hear him laugh at contempt of Congress citations a few more times?


Anonymous said...

Naaaaaaah! There's no pressure from the speaker's office!

Then of course there's our "objective" and "impartial" media who just want to serve the "truth".

Anonymous said...

Two walked guns, by two different supply lines, linked to one murder.

The murder of Jaime Zapata, like that of Brian Terry, was premeditated, deliberate, and carried out by multiple agencies of the U.S. government.

Now to find a judge who is not complicit in this conspiracy...zzzzzzzz.


SWIFT said...

Maybe the unprecedented spending to secure Washington is being done out of fear. Fear that both parties know they are engaging in wrong-doing, will not correct it and gambling that we won't either. But, hedging their bets in case we do. The peaceful first step is withdraw your consent to be governed; fully expecting an overreaction in retaliation. That's how business is conducted in the modern police state. Only the elite and their praetorian guard are allowed to break the law. The unwashed masses (prols) must not forget their place. Orwell said so!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing, while a noble and just endeavor, will be a total waste of time and money, and is just a way of distracting patriots from more important things. The Repub. "leaders" are as corrupt as the Dems. and will ultimately do NOTHING about any of this. In a perfect world Holder, Hillary, Napolitano, Sebilius, Reed, Boehner, and finally Odumbo would be charged, tried, and convicted of treason against the US, but that isn't going to happen.

SWIFT said...

I saw a story, after an article in TIME, that Preet Bharara (Of County Limerick no doubt) the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, is being heralded as a replacement for Eric Holder in an Obama second term. If I were Holder, I'd take this news seriously. Someone wants him gone! Now, I have to wonder if it will loosen his lips.

Anonymous said...

how is it possible, that guns were left behind at both scenes?

does this not strike everyone as totally outside the realm of statistical possibility?

how often does that happen say 100 miles north, or south of the border?

what 8:43 anon said x2:
"The murder of Jaime Zapata, like that of Brian Terry, was premeditated, deliberate, and carried out by multiple agencies of the U.S. government."

HammerHead said...

If Congress will NOT hold eric holder responsible then the American People must!! This soft tyranny must be put down!

Cocked, locked and read to rock!!
HammerHead out!

rdf67 said...

Two dead agents - this story will not be buried. Eventually NYT will have to write a truthful article.

Meanwhile, anybody see the WAPO article where Sari Horowitz, the DOJ plant, was described as 'eagle-eyed"?

Amazing! She is the one that launched the "botched ATF sting gone awry" story when it broke.