Friday, February 17, 2012

Birds of a feather flocking together.

"Waco Jim" Cavanaugh and the SPLC.


Longbow said...

Quote: "That statement alone is so anti-American on its face that no law enforcement executive should ever engage a trainer who would utter it, period. It is so clearly in violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that it strains any semblance of reality."

This statement from Waco Jim? Really? Jim has grown a conscience! A new respect for the U.S. Constitution has sprouted in his heart! He's had an epiphany!

Uhh... yeah right.

Lergnom said...

Everywhere in the story where the word 'Muslim' appears, substitute the phrase 'gun owner' and see if former agent Cavanaugh agrees with the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Where was Little Jimmy Cavanaugh when the MIAC report was released in 2009? I don’t disagree that all muslims have 1st Amendment rights……I have a problem with the fact that Jimmy’s hypocrisy recognizes that one group has civil rights, while denying them to others when a much larger government entity (DHS) is the one doing the “training”.

Jimmy said, “If this training takes place, how could any Muslim in Rutherford County trust that a sheriff’s deputy coming to his or her aid does not view them as some sort of terrorist, a person whose rights are of no consequence? How could a Muslim there have the confidence to pick up the phone in an emergency and call people who are trained to see them as a dire threat? Trained to believe they have no Constitutional rights? How can Muslims expect that they will be entitled to due process under the law? Equal protection? Equal treatment?”

That could just as easily apply to the “potential domestic terrorists” characterized in the MIAC report…..but then the SPLC supports those kinds of characterizations….because they are just as bigoted as those they purport to defend against.

SWIFT said...

Open letter to Jim Cavanaugh. Come to Western Pennsylvania and give one of your pious talks. Been wanting a "one on one" meeting with you for decades.

Anonymous said...

I left a nice comment.

Dear Jim Cavanaugh,
You mention how the trainers' comments where "Un-American." Well Jim, it's kinda like roasting innocent women and children down in Waco, ain't it Jim. You F__KIN TRAITER!