Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kurt Hofmann: New Brady Campaign president might want to re-think fundraising strategy.

Still, seeing that the best the organization can come up with is a $250 per person fundraising event with Chicago Mayor (and would-be statewide handgun registrar) Rahm Emanuel, a little advice does seem warranted. Although if Emanuel reprises his 1992 drama, where he stabbed a steak knife into a table over and over again, while listing the names of political enemies and shouting "Dead! Dead!" that might be worth the price of admission.
Also, John Richardson has this important story about Brady's new president: About That Seminal Event In Dan Gross' Life.

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Happy D said...

Why is it that when some Islamic lowlife kills some poor innocent the first thing the innocent's Progressive/Authoritarian relatives do is conspire to violate my freedom property and life?

And why do they never consider that this act of aggression and the conspiracy to commit it is all the moral justification needed for a terrible resolve?