Monday, February 27, 2012

Obama channels the ghost of Nixon.

"And remember, grasshopper, to tell them that you are not a crook."
Is the IRS attempting to intimidate local Tea Parties?
Many Tea Party boards are afraid to speak out publicly about these intrusive requests because of fear of being personally targeted and singled out by the IRS. This is especially scary to citizens of modest incomes that don’t have the financial means to hire accountants or tax attorneys. And that is probably the point. Cower and fade away, or face possible persecution at the hands of government bureaucrats.


Anonymous said...

It's not always what you know but who, you know. And who they know. And sometimes, who they also know...

There are many tools to be used when needed. What was Hitler's quote again about the benefit to the state of making everything illegal? Turns out that that is in fact a fact.

Then there's the "fabrication" aspect of things. It certainly would tend to remove the "law" from functionality while replacing that with the intentions of "men". We all know the level of trustworthiness that imbues, now.

Millwright said...

This eport seems in keeping with the actions of an Administration that's reportedly using the "Espionage Act" as a means to intimidate "whistle-blowing" on the part of fed employees observing/documenting its contretempts !
D. Carr 2-26-12

A "Peter/wolf" or a fox/henhouse situation ? You decide ! >MW