Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am taken to task over my many failings. My reply.

Received this email this afternoon from a fellow whom I have disappointed in many ways. My reply is below, as well.
-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel (REDACTED)
To: georgemason1776
Sent: Sun, Feb 26, 2012 3:24 pm
Subject: Comments on CPX Foxtrot at WRSA
Dear Mike,
Having recently read the circular firing squad over at WRSA, CA asked you a few direct questions that I believe deserve to be answered,despite having been scrubbed from the comments recently.
I understand you have serious concerns regarding Kerodin, but do you really think that airing dirty laundry for the world to see does anything productive for morale? I think it to be extremely short-sighted.
I understand Gunwalker has consumed your time for well over a year now,and you did your damnedest,and I applaud you for it. However,I was there almost two years ago at Fort Hunt Park when you said Absolved was finished,and yet you are still working on it. That would make me wonder if you were really done with it,or if you're really working on it now.Either way,it doesn't instill confidence in me with you.
I have been financially supportive of you and your efforts on multiple occasions,and I would like to think that I am not misplacing my trust in you.
It would make me happier to see you as the Mike Vanderboegh of 4 or 5 years ago,than what I have seen you put yourself through lately. You can do much more productive things with your time,in my opinion.
We all admire your valiant work in trying to hold Mordor accountable,and we all see the complicity of the media and both wings of the party, and bless you for doing the work that the multimillion dollar press refuses to do.
But for petes sake,stop with the Kerodin thing. Please.
And finish your books already.
For the Republic,
I went through the 90s when we let Kerodins attach themselves like leeches to a movement without doing enough to mark the difference. So, no, I will continue to speak out on Kerodin until dispositive FOIA documents or court discovery records prove me right.
From my latest post this morning, in case you missed it regarding Pete's demand for answers:
Explain to me why I owe you an answer to any of them. I didn’t lie when I said Absolved was finished. It was, in raw form. That I responded to editorial concerns raised by others that caused me to rewrite the entire work — interspersed by huge episodes of writer’s block — is immaterial to you. Gee, I fucked up, I’m human. So sue me. But what, really, do I OWE you, or anybody, about Absolved? Half of it, including most of the tactical, practical lessons, have already been published on the Net. For free. You may not have noticed, but I’ve been a little busy in the mean time, ferreting out ATF scandals prior to Gunwalker, netting together the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians which put us in a position to learn of, and exploit, that granddaddy of all federal scandals. To reckon the Gunwalker Scandal expose’ in terms of “casualties” ignores the value of the results already achieved against the enemy — destruction of legitimacy, barely managed chaos within federal law enforcement agencies — all of which buy time for folks to get ready. Ask Eric Holder how much trouble I have put him to since 2009. This is not something that you didn’t already know, because I explained it at some length to you in conversations early on.
I disappointed you. SFW. Get in line.
You criticize me for soliciting money through my blog subscriptions, yet you more than anybody know the limit of my finances. I could not have accomplished a tenth of what I’ve done on Gunwalker without those extra resources, which, by the way, I have to pay taxes on.
So I don’t meet your qualifications as a leader because I rightly question your choice of convict “friends”? Whose ego is bruised?
I didn’t make up the characterization of Kerodin as a leader of “Death Eaters,” but I damn sure see my friend’s point. Forget his compromised status as a federal felon which makes him eminently blackmailable — as well as discrediting on its face to any claim of “leadership” in the Three Percent — his previously expressed penchant for targeting non-combatants is both discrediting and dangerous. Indeed, accepting such “logic” is merely an expression of feared weakness, not an understanding of real strength.
The MORAL component of our fight is the only thing that makes it worth doing. Otherwise we are the same sort of monster that we condemn. I am a Christian, first and foremost. I will have to look my God in the eye one day and justify my life and actions. If that makes me a disappointment in your eyes, then I suggest you look in the mirror for an explanation.
– Vanderboegh
Absolved was finished, it simply wasn't ready for print. As far as misplaced trust, I'm the same guy I always was. I thank you for your past support and I can tell you that I tried to waste none of the donations sent my way. However, I can only do so much, and my failures are all my own. Indeed, most of my failures came about due to overwork because I could not say no to the many projects which are left at my door, always with the comment, "Only you can do this, Mike." But I am more worried about what my God will say to me later than anything else, as, indeed, we should all be.
There is a tendency -- natural, human trait -- to look for leaders who are omniscient, infallible into whom we pour all our own hopes for success of a common enterprise. I am not such a person. If Absolved has one message above all it is this: don't look for leaders, be your own leader. Do what you can, all that you can, where you are at.
It is certain that no one else could have done the Gunwalker business, or pushed it as far as it has come. Even Pete acknowledged that. So what should I rank as more important than that?
As far as "airing dirty laundry" and "factionalism" it has always been my belief that people who willingly submerge their basic principles in order to attract more so-called "allies" like Kerodin are extrapolating from their own needless sense of weakness, brought on at least in some measure by the isolation and anomie of modern life. And, in the end, they are self-defeating, since they enabled the hand that knifed them in the back. We are stronger than that, or, at least we will be if we understand that embracing such as Kerodin will drive off all our potential allies when the time comes.
The reason I'm so particular about allies and principles is that what we must attempt, should we ever face more tyranny from the Feds, is an open source insurgency, which is to say, many small-scale, local fights with national, even international, principles. Some call it "leaderless resistance" but that is not true. We must be led, but by principle. And only 4th Generation Warfare which targets policymakers -- and policymakers only, not their families or other innocents -- will win. Kerodin, apart from all the questions surrounding him, blurs those moral bright lines. If we fight by his rules and lack of moral sense, we will lose. Hence, I will continue to speak out against him, even with my last breath. This isn't about ego, it is about unshakable principle.
If that is not what you wanted to hear, I am sorry for your disappointment. It happens to be the truth as I see it.


Cederq said...

To Daniel,
I too have been a subscriber and have given materially to Mr Vanderboegh and I too would like to see "Absolved" but I have the patience to wait, why not you? Believe me you will be rewarded. As for Kerodin, he sucks big timed, read his posts and comments and meet the guy, you will look upon your hand, if you shake it to see if your skin is actually crawling.
Kevin Cederquist

Barney said...

I am grateful for you every day. Whatever that is worth!
I can't imagine ANYONE actually doing more. All I can say is "Thanks"


Mt Top Patriot said...

Easy to pass judgement on Mr. Mike. Where are these critics? What are they doing? Are they on the front lines of Liberty? Are they risking everything, including their possible imprisonment or even death on their druthers and principles, through exercising Liberty via the rule of law?
It is the rule of law that is all that stands between Liberty and the tyranny descending upon us.
Without it, we are nothing. How can we as a nation come back from lawlessness once we pass into it?
Violence for the sake of an agenda proposed by Kerodin is akin to the tyranny he preaches to rile against, it's ends justifying the means. That is not what created this constitutional republic in the first instance.

One thing that Mr. Mike and folks like him do that is exceptional, even more so than their hard work, perseverance, and courage, in the face of this tyrannical monstrosity breathing down our throats, the thing he brings to us, is understanding the choices we face. Many have made the choices of what has to be done. It is understanding those choices so we follow with wisdom the intended principles of Liberty our founders gifted us, we who are the future, they knew would come to pass.

Kerodin, be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

You've called yourself a fat man on a cane, I'm a skinny man on a cane.

Straight talk.

You're the only one who has chased the most important thing we've got right now. I remember Watergate vividly and it brought down a president. I know you don't want Bernstein and Woodward, you're doing it for your COUNTRY. Kerodin and others may be right later, but then it won't matter-a la' Selco.

Keep giving them living hell.

and thanks


Anonymous said...

Supporting a cause financially by donating to a man working to our benefit doesn't grant you a say in their actions, thats why its called a Donation.

Have any others been as active or vociferous in our cause ?, ..has anyone else stood up yet ? If he sees another as something he might determine contrary to our effort it is his call, without approval or permission, to say so.

Mike should do what he will determine is his best option and if we all benefit from his efforts than we are blessed to be in his company.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

You have done a Yeoman's job on the Gunwalker scandal. You deserve the thanks of a grateful nation and the respect and admiration of the media for your journalistic coup. ABSOLVED will take care of itself. I know this sounds corny, but patience is its own reward. God Bless.

DH Pence said...

Proven liars and convicted felons are not to be trusted - their motives are at once questionable. Christian Kerodin created himself - and has himself to blame. And as he continues to wear the mantle of Patriot he's subject to the light of truth as are anyone that wears such. There's a ton of OSINT out there to show his true colors. 'Nuff said.

Given the sheer volume and quality of information presented at SS I venture very few of us have done such work either in the present or past. With faith comes patience, and it doesn't hurt to have a bit of both.

Rock on Mike.

ParaPacem said...

To Mike - you know my own situation as I know yours and I wanted to call rosey last night but also did not want to disturb what little rest you two may have had; you still have all my phone numbers and you know to call me if you need anything.
That said - you owe no apologies to anyone.
As for Mr. Kerodin, I lost any respect for him, NOT because of any past mistakes of his but rather, when he mocked YOU for not getting into a lethal firefight with local pigs in a setup. You are my friend, and value that. Anyone who feels the need to be pissed off because you were not stupid enough to get yourself dead, is a waste of my time.

Any of the times I have been to meet you and drop off a few items, you and your family have always treated me with kindness and warmth. You have never asked me for anything, and have never forced me to read your blog. In fact, i recall when you did not especially WANT to start a blog.
So anyone who is disappointed in you? That is their right, and they should keep it to themselves unless they are friends of yours, and if friends, then they will follow the Biblical admonition and approach you one on one.
But those who feel the need to attack you publicly?
As my dear old Uncle would say - Fuck 'em.

Jensko said...

Mike, I am behind you 100%. Keep doing what you are doing. I too am more concerned about how my actions will be viewed by my Creator then by men.

Dakota said...

"The MORAL component of our fight is the only thing that makes it worth doing. Otherwise we are the same sort of monster that we condemn. I am a Christian, first and foremost. I will have to look my God in the eye one day and justify my life and actions. If that makes me a disappointment in your eyes, then I suggest you look in the mirror for an explanation."
– Vanderboegh

If all you "heroes" out there think that kill them all let God sort them out is your "plan" .... I'll come and shoot you myself. I too must look my Lord and Savior in the eye one day, I must be able to say I fought evil where I found it, everywhere I found it.

Don't let this B S bother you Mike ... you are doing the Lords work. I have spoken publicly that I don't believe anything will come of "gunwalker" .... it is however important to remember that showing the "legitimacy" ( or lack thereof) of tyrants on public display for all to see.

Grog said...

Amen and Salute to all the comments here. Danny needs to get his shit in one sock before he starts in with the borderline slander.


bubba said...

Kerodin's shit is weak and he may very well be a Goblin. People like Daniel should take real care in whom they wish to listen to.

Anonymous said...


Like Jensko said...
Mike, I am behind you 100%. Keep doing what you are doing. I too am more concerned about how my actions will be viewed by my Creator then by men.
Keep up the good fight (Like the Apostle Paul)

Welshman said...

Mike, I have not kept up with the Kerodin controversy, but even with what little I know about it I would say you have nothing about which to apologize. The Gunwalker story is, in my opinion, much bigger than Watergate, and thus, your time spent on it has been well-placed even if it meant other things had to suffer.

In the national edition over at The Examiner, I am the only one other than David Codrea that regularly reports on the scandal. And had it not been for you and David, there would not have been a story to report. I have depended on you almost exclusively for my info because, frankly, you and your sources are among the very few that I trust.

I get donations, like you, from time to time over at my Liberty Sphere blog, but frankly, if those donations come with strings attached, then the donors had best keep their money. I am not beholdin' to anybody no matter how much money they give. Truth is the truth, period. And I am ultimately responsible to Christ for what I do with the truth.

Often people who have no idea of what they speak assume things about us that are as far from the truth as night and day. Nobody has walked in your shoes nor been forced to bear the untold burdens you have carried over the past year. I, for one, am grateful that you were willing to carry that burden.

God bless you my friend. And one day, I am quite certain that our Lord will give you His smile, face to face, for your unrelenting pursuit of truth and goodness.

Anthony G. Martin

Eric III said...

You have been in this fight for quite some time, are are still breathing. Pretty sure you know what you are doing, so keep it up!

rdf67 said...

Thanks Mike. Although I am a newbie, I met you through a mutual friend I have known for almost fifty years. The light you shine on tyranny is important and anyone who faults you for this effort is shallow. It isn't over and won't be over until govt employees who have acted criminally are brought to task. It is unfortunate that the left has a one-sided view and can ignore and enable behavior that shocks the conscience.
Keep up the great work. I am working now for the first time in four years and plan to subscribe after some bills are paid.
Thank you, sincerely.
Robert Fischl

Anonymous said...

Love the Lord.
Love your neighbor as yourself.

Everything else gets burned away.

A lot of folks love you, and maybe some don't.

Stay with it Mike.


Anonymous said...

Kerodin will simply lead us straight into a Saint-Just style French Revolution; one that will result in massive loss of innocent life, tyranny by the mob of so-called "revolutionaries" upon the social "elite" (however THEY define that term....likely as ANYONE with more than them)and eventually a dictatorship.

Unless we fight ON PRINCIPLE we are doomed.....just as the founders were. Slaughtering the innocent and ignoring collateral damage will not get us to our alleged goal of restoration.


Cato, the American said...

It sure would be nice if FreeFor could end the circular firing squad. No man has the right to another's labor, even yours, Mike. The debt we owe you for your work is immense. Period.

I share some of your concerns with certain posters. I have tried to raise some of those concerns on my little half-acre of the Liberty blogosphere.

My view is, the discussion is a good thing. The ideas which cannot survive the contact with the discussion will die, and those who do will move on. It is my belief that the moral position will prevail.

I also suspect that the average reader of these blogs, yours included, is more similar to me than he is dissimilar.

If that's the case, then he'll be able to separate what is of value from what is not.

Thanks again, Mike, for all that you have done, do, and will do. You're a patriot and a gentleman, and I'm proud to have shaken your hand on a windy day in Virginia, as free men.

To the rest of you, make sure you keep your eye on the prize, know who is the enemy, know who are your friends, and know why you fight.

- Cato, the American.

I will keep up the discussion until words turn to action, and it no longer makes sense to try. Not everything over a Sam's place needs to be tossed out the window, but some of it does.

Anonymous said...

note to self

Send Webster the re-definition of "Patriot" and "truth"... in two words.

Mike Vanderboegh

Keep the beacon shining on Mordor Mike. Remember, those repugnant cockroaches crawl back to the cesspool in the daylight.

CCK said...

I don't know Kerodin's circumstances. Nor do I particularly care. What I do know is that you, me, and everyone who reads this and WRSA likely commits felonies everyday. And we just haven't been caught yet.
So being convicted by the Feds for anything I'm not sure that is the creditability killer you think it is.

PS. unless it is for something violent against an innocent, obviously.

Ironwill III said...

Maybe folks need to reacquaint themselves with your post from 2010:

Anonymous said...

As a newbee myself I have never met Mike and I actually stumbled
across this blog by accident. That was about 1 1/2 yrs ago. Since then I have visited Mike's blog practically every day to read the articles that he posts.

I've known for years that .gov was doing some pretty shitty stuff
but couldn't put my finger on it.
It took Mike to point out to me those things for clarity. Mike's book is not what matters to me as I'm not a book reader If he finishes ok If not ok. I only care about the work that he does for me and all other Patriots. I have donated money to Mike so he can continue his work and be where he's suppose to be with great appreciation. I don't give a damn what he uses the money for because I know he will put it to good use for me and I will continue to donate whenever and for whatever his needs.

As for Mike's critics and this Kerodin dickhead fock'em. I don't know who they are nor do I give two shits. They can kiss my ass.

Thank you Mike, God bless and keep gouging em.

William L

pdxr13 said...

If only there were all-seeing, all-knowing sleepless eternal leaders with clear plans for certain victory and restoration of the Republic with a batch of uncorruptible men! We wouldn't be here.

So, we go with what we have, what & where we are, failings and all.

I'll buy a copy of Absolved when it gets published, not before. Make it good. I appreciate the lessons already passed out and still available for free. They are why everyone wants the finished book: that's good stuff!

We have to keep an eye on self-proclaimed "leaders", especially on those who could be, or might be, agents or puppets of persons unknown. There's plenty yet to do that is perfectly legal and legitimate that gives long term advantage to a person and a movement almost regardless of the delay in festivities, whatever kind of oppression is applied, or if the big-bad never occurs.

Knowing good people, working hard on productive things, saving money into PM's, cacheing ammo, building self-reliance, teaching others skills, learning skills, and PT, all are good in varying degrees even in the best of times.

I believe that you bought us some time by diverting the mission of the current administration from crushing us to saving themselves.


J. Croft said...

First, who else but MV is spending his precious time on trying to out a scandal involving tar babying Americans who own guns for Mexican drug cartel violence-just to disarm us so they can go full bore communist on us? Dave Codrea... some other III'ers repost their work... which I've been neglecting as of late.

Second, writing is damn hard. Writing a book is even more so, and until you've attempted writing a book or blog or script then you have NO right to criticize someone who's having other priorities get in the way. To those that haven't it's common that the first draft will fall a bit short of the mark, and often be way off-missing critical items, characterization, inconsistencies, etc.

Third, and most importantly, those who keep talking about taking on the beast head on-just go out and do it so you can fuck up, fail, and give the enemy honest ammunition to sell the sheep on giving up their guns.

Mr. Vanderboegh in his situation with the handgun, he made a calculation to live to fight another day. You can't fault a guy who is keeping the Gunwalker scandal from being buried under the rug-one stand with a pistol against a trained, licensed murderer of the state vs. staying alive, free, and being able to screw with the Obama Administration?

And anyway, have you look at a photo of the guy lately? I don't see him giving Delta Force any sleepless nights... a bit harsh but true.

Can you? Would you?

I say would you rhetorically cause mostly I see are people who'd rather oil their guns and pound keyboard than get smart and make their own Freedom: find a town they can get together and organize a election campaign, or recall election if there's no election, with a full campaign ticket. The GI's of Athens Tennessee showed the way back in 1946 so there's a reason that history lesson's been buried.

Making your own Freedom so you can bear arms, be sovereign, exercise free speech, property rights-we're great at talking and shoveling money and our time at Ron Paul so he can still lose rigged elections. Take over towns, ignite the Second American Revolution peacefully?

Apparently a whole nother matter.

J. Croft