Monday, February 27, 2012

Jeff Knox's Reese Family Update.

Something's rotten in New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the article. I have followed the gun shop owners since the first arrest. I am very worried about the family.

Anonymous said...

unfuckingbelievable. note to self..file under:

.."one more example of the Two Tiered (un)Justice system that exists within the US."

These repugnant excrement called US Attorneys and Eric Holder make a mockery of the "rule of law", if there is such a thing.
But what is blindingly obvious now, our Congress is complicit
with the DOJ and other agencies within our Government, to unlawful ,un-Constitutional and in some cases, treasonous acts(NDAA) perpetrated in our name. But what is astonishingly sad, is the percentage of citizens that will wave the Amerikan flag while their being dragged off to FEMA camps.

All I can say now is, nationalistic indoctrination via the Pledge of Allegiance and other mindfuck follys will fool some of the people some of the time. But it's only a matter of time before the light of truth unbinds the shackles of the covenant between the People and the tyrants we call our Representatives. In the meantime...fuck them.

Anonymous said...

note to self..file under..
.."MORE proof the Two Tiered unJustice system is alive, well, and functioning exactly as designed"

Now pardon me while I go puke..and mail it to Eric Holder.

Ashrak said...

McMahon stumbled on "newww......"
during a hearing (somewhat)about GunWalker. It was at that moment I had a gut check about New Mexico.

I think that is the location of the genesis of the notion that, as a back up plan if things "got out of hand" it would be the dealers themselves hung out to dry, thrown under the bus, taking all the blame.

We witnessed them trying to do that right from the start.

I believed then and I believe now that the scariest skeletons exist in New Mexico. I submit all the obvious stonewalling and the rest of the Holder game is being played to keep eyes on Arizona, so that they are not on New Mexico.

Nasr. Yousef. Hezballah. Cartels.

Question - Might GunWalker BE the cover up itself, rather than there being a cover up OF it?

IF a large number of arms, from guns to grenades, were "stolen" in Iraq, doesn't it fit with the "tracing" situation that there would be an attempt to muddy the waters regarding how those arms got to "just south of the border" and in the hands of the cartel?

Doesn't it make sense that the liars and the fibbies would much rather deal with a 'botched" program, as an "innocent mistake", as opposed to explaining that military weapons across the big pond went missing and found their way right back over here.

And wouldn't that explain, fully, why the Republican Speaker of the house has been so, well, SILENT!
Wouldn't it explain, fully, why Issa's demands and deadlines are summarily ignored without consequence.

There is a GunWalker cover up alright. GunWalker BEING the coverup seems more and more likely every day - to me anyway.

Anonymous said...

"callous indifference"

Not quite. Callous yes but they are not indifferent to it because it happens every time. Normal humans endeavor to not make the same mistakes more than once.

If "oops" is not a viable explanation and excuse, then planning and intent were used instead.

Kinda like when those kittens got stomped to death. That, was no "oops" that was meant from the heart, a very black heart indeed.

You may contend that since those actions haven't happened again, that we know of, that there was no intent. I would argue that normal humans go out of their way not to harm the innocent, often at the cost of their own lives. Those who don't are not normal. My conclusion would therefore be that they simply have not been provided the opportunity to do it again.

Then there is the issue of killing canines, including puppies at the beginning of all operations, including the execution of warrants at the wrong location. This is done because they can do it legally and because it is SOP. Humans are just a little bigger and a hell of a lot more dangerous.

The reason that these things exist the way they are is because government wants them that way, otherwise they would change them. They never do.