Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eric Holder pouts, poor baby.

From Matthew Boyle at the Daily Caller: Holder loses cool during House hearing when asked about Fast and Furious


Anonymous said...

In response to Holders ascertion that he stopped F&F "as soon as I found out about it", a commenter to the article replied ..."No, you stopped it when WE found out about it."



Holder is such a fucking creep, he makes my skin crawl.

rdf67 said...

"As soon as I learned about it I stopped it. I stopped it!" - Another enormous lie - Why did Eric Holder send AAG Breuer to Mexico two months after Brian Terry was killed to promote GunWalking as a method to get arms dealers? And then, Why did Mexico respond with calls for gun controls? That's what he did after we found out about GunWalker - and he should be in jail with Burke and Breuer and Grindler and probably Obama.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! While my sense of right and wrong wants this POS and his boss to swing for this ASAP, I am thinking that drip-drip-drip here may be the better way to actually provide maximum damage to those who richly deserve it. It gets worse and worse, they start to come unglued, the noose slowly tightens. Ultimately, they hang themselves. Mike, David, others are doing God's work though satisfaction is probably a ways off.

Anonymous said...

Yet another great story not covered by the LSM. Ordinarily a sitting (Holder definitely isn't "serving") AGUS slamming his hand on the table during a congressional hearing would be BIG news, above the fold, lead story on the evening news programs.


Somehow only internet outlets are carrying the story. I just did a quick google search and the only hits I got were online.

Anonymous said...

OK 'eric' - exactly WHEN did you know about F&F and when did you order it stopped? Show us the memos or cessation orders - complete with date/time stamps - then we MIGHT believe that you did the right thing. Oh and while you are at it, what about the same documentation for the operations in Florida, Indiana and Houston - or were those ops just coincidentally employing the exact same tactics as F&F? Or did they have a couple of 'rogues' that came up with the same idea.

Anonymous said...

Another comment on the story claims that CBS (Sharyl Attkisson) has reported that the Mexican govt imported 2000 weapons from USA wholesalers (non-military) in 2008 and then 20,000 in 2009 and Federal records are sealed for 2010 and '11. Throughout, of course, Calderóne continued to bleat for US gun control. Is this true? If so it is the first I have read of it.

Anonymous said...

"Mr" Eric better get used to being asked about F&F for the rest of his life, as it seems (so far) to be the defining event in his career, even above the New Black Panthers Philadelphia election intimidation.
I hope F&F hounds him to his grave.

B Woodman