Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They're going to stick one of these in me this morning.

From the top down. Fortunately they have to knock me out to do it. Better than the bottom up. I've had one of those too. More later, if I survive. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Maybe if they get down there far enough they will find a copy of Absolved?


Anonymous said...

I realize you are just kidding, however folks there is nothing to a colonoscopy, a little discomfort from the cleansing, its not as bad as a cold. This is a great site and you are doing important work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it's good that they're doing it and maybe they'll find the problem and fix ya! Then you can enjoy those millions that your going to make on absolved, for a long time.

(Under an assumed name, living in another country, of course.)

FG said...

Saying a prayer here for the doctors to help you out, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Hope the reason for doing this turns out to be easily corrected !

SB Smith

Diamond Mair said...

FWIW, I had an EGD {esophagogastroduodenoscopy} a couple of years ago - probably going to need another in a bit {problems with Lipitor aggravating "issues"} - this time around, the Progeny will be here, so SHE gets the giggle-fest when I'm coming to my senses from the Versed {GREAT drug! ;-) } - the FodGuy STILL chortles when remembering my rag-doll behavior & funny comments .................. take care, and give the docs' suggestions a chance .................... ;-)

Semper Fi'

Moe Death said...

Say... uh... after riding the other "thing," did you get a T-shirt that reads "I rode the Colon Cam and all I got was this lousy T-shirt?"

just wondering...

Bill and Domino