Thursday, February 23, 2012

David Codrea: "DOJ SHOT Show cases ‘falling apart’-Breuer drops prosecution." The Empire whimpers back.

Lanny Breuer admits defeat, but . . .
What about the defendants, what about the awesome legal expenses they have incurred to protect themselves from an administration with an agenda that has practically unlimited resources to bring to bear against them, what about the smears against people’s names and damages done to their reputations? What about derailed careers, what about the living hell they—and their families—have gone through for two years…?
And what about ruthlessly ambitious Obama administration officials, up to their own necks in a criminal international gun trafficking conspiracy of their making, all the while doing their utmost to continue their subversion of the right to keep and bear arms in a way designed to bypass the legislature, that is, to keep things “under the radar”?

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Anonymous said...

They'll just wait for another jury in a couple of years and charge everybody again. None of thew republicans can see anything wrong with the Clinton ASUA appointments and so this will continue at a later date.