Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Kerodins attack, they project.

You gotta laugh at a convicted, self-admitted and unrepentant extortionist federal felon who pretends to be a Three Percenter if this is the pathetic best he can do. One wonders, not for the first time, what Pete, AP and Company see in this piece of work.
LATER: And Bill Nye, who always has this strange persecution complex, also leaves me the love note below.
Hope you rot from the inside out you rat commie bastard. Your cancer is Karma. See you in hell you fat traitor. -- Bill Nye
You just gotta laugh.


Oldfart said...

We seem to have a difference of opinion regarding the prosecution of our resistance. I can't say that I agree completely with Mike all the time but I can truthfully say the same about Kerodin. Whether one or the other is harming the effort is for history to decide but this constant wrangling in public cannot help Kerodin or Mike and can only cause a split in our forces. I suggest you both knock it off!

I will place this identical post on Sipsey Street.

Anonymous said...

This exchange demonstrates why those with "revolution" in mind are quite simply wasting their time. And the time of others. Were the US tomorrow suddenly to become a place where everyone agreed with everyone else on the way "things ought to be", it would only last a short time - maybe a day or so.
What many folks of either political persuasion fail to understand is this: The government we have now is the best we as a people can do.
That's an ugly truth to face, but the sooner that truth is faced and fantasies of revolutionary glory are laid to rest, the happier life will be for a lot of dreamers.
After all, what advantage is there to living in a world where even one's supposed ideological "brethren" are no less eager to destroy you than are your enemies?

Anonymous said...

Mike: I see the same thing in Kerodin as I do in you. Someone in a pissing contest, when the winds are blowing.

It is time...


Anonymous said...

lol he sound like a sad little man that can't have you as a friend. and I can't ever remembering you dressing someone down using the foul language he used, and attacking with ad hominems for the sake trying to get your point across is a big FAIL, btw for the record, who ever it was wrote that piece please have the internal fortitude to SIGN YOUR NAME TO IT!


ps: Mike, praying for you and yours these days!

Anonymous said...

Anal-retentive dusche Kerodin???

Steve III

DH Pence said...

And "shifty" Christian slides ever further into irrelevance.

Mjolnir said...

Well, since there is no external link to who this joker is...I dunno. I've been following you for maor thean a couple few years Mike, and I've not seen the treason this asswipe is spouting so far....

Nick said...

Y'all are a bunch of teenage girls. Why don't you quit lobbying for support and drawing lines and instead just let it all go? Disagree on some principle of liberty? Let's hash it out. Personal attacks? Leave them to the middle-schoolers.

Most of all, don't stoop to the level of ostracizing someone because they don't have what you consider to be an adequate level of disdain for your own villain d'jour.

Nairb said...

I just clicked on the link.


What a pathetic putz. Must either be unemployed or be on the Obama payroll to have that much time on his hands.

Dutchman6 said...

If anybody thinks that Kerodin is "part of our resistance" or "one of us," they are suffering from a bad case of mistaken identity.

Anonymous said...

Has Kerodin ever looked at one of his own paychecks?

I just paid about $300 in "disability" to the US government. I bet Mike paid a similar "tax" most of his working adult life.

While I agree that many folks in our society are part of the FSA....they paid in. They may be taking out MORE than they paid in at this point....but that's the fault of EVERY ONE OF US who didn't put a stop to the lie that we could continue to pay out benefits while taking on monstrous foreign debt and fighting tax increases.

Look in the mirror, pal. You're as much to blame as anyone.

Also, look in the mirror again. If you're so eager to die and itching for a fight....why don't you go start one? Oh, that's right....you're advocating violence from your readers, but you aren't doing anything. That's pretty much the definition of a provocateur.

Put up or shut up....the blood bath will be here soon enough....and I'll bet when it starts your romanticized version of it will sour in your stomach.


Anonymous said...

Kerodin, Tom Baugh, and Bill Nye - the three assholes.
Ann Barnhardt, just plain stupid.

I noticed Kerodin stole the Three Percenters idea and Nyberg Battle Flag from Sipsey Street. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Anonymous said...

I was esplainin the difference between you'all to my wife. I told her that Kerateen guy wants to fight...now...anybody...now. And Mike has the stance of no more Fort Sumpters. Hold back and let them fire the first shot. Patience IS a virtue.

Keep the (Moral) high ground, Mike.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that's not Bill Nye "The Science Guy"...

PS - the new captcha generator sucks. I have to reload the fucker 50% of time cause I can't read it.

Drew Rinella said...

Is that Bill Nye the Science Guy, or someone else of the same name? I would be so disappointed if my childhood hero made such a hateful remark..

SWIFT said...

Settle this once and for all: have a duel! "Karma" will decide who was right, with the other suffering a sucking chest wound, prior to the dark trip to hell. I will happily act as your Second and if I feel good that day, I may not even cheat.

RainyDay said...

This fucking circular firing squad shit has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Something K does quite often is gloss over his criminal past as if it was no big deal. He says in this post it's ten years old and closed, but it will forever haunt him. He is seriously tainted and has the nerve to act surprised when Mike turns down his publishing "deal". Given his many failings in the past and present, it is no wonder why many people don't want to engage in business or associate with him.

Personally, I'd just as soon never hear about K again. Well, at least until he's arrested again for doing something incredibly stupid again.

Sean said...

Sean at 7:22 on 2/28/12 is not me, but some other Sean. I am the Sean who has personally met Mike, and yes, I know all his past sins, just like I know mine. Yow, what a pissing contest this has become, except that Mike has also taken the high road in his criticisms of Kerodin. Which reminds me of what Shakespeare said about innocence not shrieking its' name. I take both mens' admonitions with a grain of salt, and I heavily favor Mike. Reason being, I recall Saul of Tarsus had his moment on the road to Damascus as well, and later became probably the most prolific of the Apostles, giving great intellectual muscle to Christianity, a group which he previously tried to annihilate. If Mike were really a plant, it would have already been apparent. As for him handing over his gun to the cops when stopped, as a IIIper, I would have done exactly the same. Getting yourself murdered by a cop at even a contrived stop is not the point. Anyone who understands 4G in the least will know why. As long as you can stay in the game, you can score. Martyrdom is not the point, and the point is not martyrdom. And Mike, I hope you get well soon, and easily, and that you keep socking it to Leviathan. You are more than you know.

sofa said...

Alinksy Rules: Make it personal, so reason is displaced by vitriol. Then the abrasive can overcome reason.
Notice their methods.

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

I LIKE Swift's idea; I will stand in as your principal. From a rooftop/ 800 yards out.
With my Barret.
Let the good times roll.

Cato, the American said...

Mike, from someone who doesn't pray too often,I said a prayer for you this morning.

- Cato, the American.

Anonymous said...

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Joel said...

(Shakes head) This is why I don't do Militia anymore*. Truly, we have met the enemy and he always turns out to be us. Every goddam time.

*Well, that and the comical incompetence. And worrying about CIs and APs. And the complete lack of strategic goals and leadership. And...

aughtsix said...

Near as I can tell from this remove, kerodin is a wizened, malignant little soul spoiling for someone else to act out his fantasies...

while Mike is a true patriot and a serious and intelligent man of moral character, trying his best to prevent, as long as possible, a disastrous civil war.

I'd like to shake Mike's hand.

I have the suspicion that shaking hands with kerodin would be like grasping a dead fish and leaving one looking for a disinfectant.

Anonymous said...

Not Bill Nye the Science Guy, but Bill Nye the asshat Agent Provocateur, who is Kerodin the criminal's butt buddy.

Mysterious Stranger

Mt Top Patriot said...

I have an observation to make, that those who advocate violent redress advocate that others do the deed.
Can't speak for other folks but I surely am suspicious of the motives and thinking behind people who do that.
We are in the mess we are in in this here Constitutional Republic because of the double standards our government, namely the people who constitute is affairs function under.

Truth be told I do not reckon with those who are using the historical concept of three percent of the population who supposedly will choose violent redress, as a propaganda tool to advance their agenda.

While I fully understand the resort 2nd Amendment recourse is, as a platform, as the only platform of advocating restoration of Liberty, it is fraut with profound and unintended consequences.
Not by any standards to be ventured into lightly.

I reserve my criticism of all involved to the above only, as it my duty as an American to exhaust all avenues of redress peacefully under the rule of law 1st and last.

If others desire to sway me to their cause, they best keep this in mind. Anything less is foolish, and foolhardy, to a high degree bordering on being nothing more than the tyrants they are proponents of liquidating through violent means in the first instance.
Whats the hurry?
Why so impatient?
We all know tyranny is balancing on a knifes edge with Liberty.
We all see it in all its myriad forms all around us.
If the treason we have now becomes tyranny it threatens to be, there is going to more suffering, blood, and dying than anyone can conceive. Or sane man could want.

It took 100 years to get here where we are now. We all, all of us in America, have made mistakes, and are guilty in some degree or another in our duty as Americans to preserve our Liberty, our Prosperity, and our Freedom.
We must all look inward as people and a nation and be dead honest about how we got in this pickle in the first place.
It all starts with ourselves. Good and bad.
Making the right choices, for the right reasons, starts with understanding those choices.

Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Don`t waste time and energy bickering ,like kid`s.

Anonymous said...

This may trouble you, Mike but "Concerned American" @ WRSA exemplifies the old adage, "You can take the rum out of the fruit cake, but you've still got a fruit cake."

Pete may have stopped drinking but he continues to exhibit the same belligerence and combativeness that are character traits of the white-knuckled drunkard. With such men, you have to continually walk on eggshells so as to avoid further damage to their fragile egos.

You are a leader in the patriot movement, not a psychologist. It is a waste of your scarce resources (especially your time) expending any more effort debating the Kerodin Kiddy Klub.

We don't need them.



Anonymous said...

Those defending Kerodin, please answer some questions...

(1) If his book is REALLY intended to be some "political platform" or "plan for restoration" why is it not released for FREE AND ANONYMOUS DOWNLOAD? Why is it that the ONLY way to get it is to give Kerodin your *REAL* name and address?

(2) If the point of "selling" the book is truly to raise funds for "the effort" then why not set up an anonymizing system? SIMPLE:
(a) I send him a money-order and a note bearing only a free e-mail account
(b) He sends me a link where I can go download the e-book.


If he's an opfor PLANT however... well...

(3) If Kerodin's only concern is Liberty, and he *KNOWS* how his criminal past makes him look, why does he not step aside for someone else without such a checkered past?

(4) Since we KNOW he's a convicted felon, how is he allowed to own firearms? Has he EVER explained this to anyone's satisfaction?

(5) One of these men is apparently an actual enemy of our "movement."
MBV has been active - standing out there poking Leviathan right in the eye - since AT LEAST Waco/Ruby Ridge. He has a LONG and well-documented history of fighting for TRUTH - just Google "John Doe Times" to find how he was spreading the word when it had to be done by xerox and fax-machine!

Kerodin OTOH shows up out of the blue a couple of years ago, Hijacks the "III" brand - language, symbols and all - and begins attacking the man who STARTED IT ALL, doing his best to belittle and discredit said founder and turn others against him as well.

Best of all, he continues to advocate murder of women and children - a direct violation of everything we are supposed to stand for - and best of all does so without apparent notice from Leviathan.

How can THAT be?

Sorry guys, but this looks like a rat, talks like a rat, acts like a rat, SMELLS like a rat - yet some are convinced HE is righteous and MBV is the rat?

Those supporting him REALLY need to open their eyes!

W W Woodward said...

Mike, Do I agree with EVERY word that comes out of your mouth? Short answer; No.

But then again, I don't agree with every word that comes out of my dear wife's mouth, and I love her more than life itself.

Dogs don't bark at parked cars. Any time you're moving and doing something some asshat will be barking at you. Just consider the source and move on.


oughtsix said...

anonymous at February 29, 2012 12:06 PM said:

All that needed to be said re: kerodin.

It just need to be posted over at Pete's place.

I agree: if it smells like a rat etc...

It's a rat.

Chase said...

I don't know anything about the disagreements between you and this guy Kerodin. However, I will observe that your tumor is probably not "Karma," as Bill Nye suggests, but simply "getting old."

Anonymous said...

So Mike was supposed to shoot it out with a cop over a traffic stop? Did Kerodin shoot it out with LE when his bust went down? Doubtful.

Are we choosing our battles, or are supposed to get drunk and shoot at some paramedics because they're the first guys we see wearing county uniforms?

Anonymous said...

Kerodin is a schemer, plain and simple. If I remember correctly, didn't he start his blog posing as a woman? I may be mistaken on that, but that's my recollection.

From what I can tell, he's also trying to monetize the Patriot movement. He has several domain names registered, is "publishing" books, and I believe has plans to start a website selling IIIper gear. I guess a fella has to make a buck any way he can...

Stick to the simple truth with this fella, and hopefully the other active folks on the net will realize that it is not a rosy scent that is coming from his backside.