Thursday, February 23, 2012

Government monopoly of force advocate Josh Horwitz publicly wets pants . . . again.

"NRA Get Out the Vote Campaign Features Proponents of Political Violence." As opposed to people like Obama, Schumer and Pelosi who merely pass laws with the assumption that the threats of government violence for non-compliance are a given and unchallengeable.


Ron C. said...

March 1st. Sheriff Joe will hold a news conference and let us all hear
just what his posse uncovered about Oscammers past. Read all about it at world net daily. Pass it on.

1NCCCH said...

Horowitz sets up a partial truth ("The process of voting as a catalyst for peaceful change in public policy is sacrosanct to how our representative democracy operates.") as a straw man, then bases the substance of his complaint on perceived slights to that partial truth. What a self-licking ice cream cone! The vote is only the first of several recognized remedies to tyranny. Frederick Douglas, among many others, understood the potential necessity of the essential escalation inherent in the 3 step process for redress: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. Douglass stated that … “the liberties of the American people were dependent upon the ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box; that without these no class of people could live and flourish in this country...”