Sunday, February 12, 2012

Operation Cojones. Gayle Nyberg's excellent idea -- send John Boehner some balls.

Folks, I received the email below from Gayle Nyberg, the designer and seamstress of the first Three Percent flag. It is an outstanding idea, and one I hope will be duplicated far beyond the readership of this little blog.
Fellow Patriots,
So simple everyone can easily get behind this project.
If you are as disappointed in John Boehner as Speaker of House as we are, I hope you will jump aboard this campaign to let him know how we feel about his gutless performance.
Operation Cajones involves printing the attached letter. Sign and send that letter along with a pair of Fuzzy Pompoms (balls) to Speaker Boehner, at the following address:
Office of the Speaker H-232 The Capitol Washington, DC 20515
"Look, everybody! One of John's balls fell out. Hell, John, I didn't know you had any."
Here is the text of the letter:
Operation Cojones
An Outreach to Speaker Boehner
Speaker Boehner,
I have become increasingly frustrated of late, as you seem to lack the necessary courage and fortitude to pursue any number of actions that would lead the Congress to stopping the illegal and unconstitutional actions of this President.
Recognizing that perhaps your time in Washington has either removed or dramatically shrunk those essential apparatus from whence much courage and boldness spring, it is my humble hope that you will accept the enclosed prosthetic replacements for your own natural ones that clearly have atrophied to uselessness.
Please take these tokens and keep them in your pocket and at any time you feel the urge to cave in, cry, or give yet another pass to this budding tyrant, just reach into your pocket and caress these substitutes so you might be comforted in knowing you now have a big fuzzy pair.
Hope this helps.
Yours truly,
Boehner Balls.
Gayle continues:
I was able to buy a bag of 100 at our local Hobby Lobby store for $4.99. I will now take this bag of pompoms, along with a stack of the printed letters and addressed envelopes to our next Tea Party to pass out.
This could have an impressive impact on the Speaker as he receives 100's of pairs from around the nation.
Please do your part to encourage those in your circle to make this mission a huge fuzzy success!
We will be notifying the press wherever possible, to hopefully pick up on this effort.
Please respond back as you send yours off, so that I can get some kind of idea of the numbers.
Thanks for your help!
Pass it on.
Gayle Nyberg
Eunice/Hobbs, NM
Patriots of Lea County (new site)
also on Facebook
"I didn't think anybody noticed I was ball-less."


Dakota said...

I love it and intend to participate and encourage others to do so. I just wish we could kick his ass out and get someone that could at least raise opposition and point out the illegal power grab that we find ourselves in the middle of with no one to speak out against it.

Not that I actually believe it would help at this late juncture. The system is rotten to the core and serves itself not the citizenry.

None the less maybe a little highly publicized shame will help him re-focus.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't send 'em via star trek transporter. USPS mail to CONgress takes a circuitous route thru x-rays, sniffers, micro-waves, and gawd knows what in order to protect our pwecious pinheads and can take 4-6 wks to actually get to their DC offices.

I believe I'll send to his OH district offices as well, the little folks working there don't necessarily get the pwotection the arrogant asshats in the mothership get.

Carl-Bear said...

FYI, spelling: "cojones".

Issa could use a pair, too. So could "my" congresscreep, but since he also needs a brain he wouldn't understand the balls anyway.

Capt45 said...

I will buy a bag of these tomorrow. Printing letter now so all I'll have to do is seal the envelope and drop it in the mail.

What a great idea!

Shy Wolf said...

Since we're going to be mailing things like this out, perhaps we'd may just as well send a set to every one of our representatives for their lack of courage at getting after Boner and everyone else in the administration. For one, I'm tired of getting mail from that liberal lying asshat Tea Party turd we elected to replace Oberstar. He's as deserving as Boner or anyone else. Hell, my castrated dog has bigger balls.

Funky Town said...

I love the idea but I'm thinking if these items are sent to their in-state offices, they'd hear about it from their staffs.

There's none of the kind of security at their state offices that is there in DC. In DC it could take weeks to get to them.

Just my opinion obviously....

Female III said...

I hope we are not paying so much attention to protecting the 2nd Amendment that we are not watching what the Fraud is doing with the 1st Amendment. Don't be fooled by the mild headlines you see, if you see any at all. Follow it with news sources like and the websites of various Christian organizations and pro-life groups. Almost all have sued the Feds within hours of the dictatorial, unConstitutional mandate. Under the guise of false reconsideration, he juggled the marbles without removing even one and arrgoantly called it an "accomodation". This was the IMMEDIATE response from the Big Guns of religious lawyers and scholars: The Marxist fraud's ventriloquists will not permit him to change course. Neither will Moral Truth permit the leaders of these various religions. Don't count on the Extreme Court to rule for the obvious either. Not with Kennedy as the swing vote.

The Communists who pull obama's strings know exactly what the response will be to a violent assault against the 1st Amendment. A few notable examples would be Vendee, France 1793, Dublin, 1916, 1919, Jalisco, Mexico, 1927, Seville, Spain, 1936. They know how even quiet Christian peasants will respond to tyranny. Think they don't know what they'll get when they piss off the Americans who already want to light their asses up?

So please keep your scope on this 1st Amendment battle. It could well be that open warfare against the 1st Amendment lights the fuse on the powder keg and brings the 2nd Amendment, guardian of all others into full action.

Anonymous said...

There is a breaking story from the National Mall in DC; "Sunday Morning Shooting, no foul play suspected, electronic media reports single gunshot to the head." Could this be a 'purge' or whats known as "Arkancide" in DC?

Anonymous said...

Insulting Boehner or embarrassing him won't change his behavior, he is too insensitive for this scheme to work. In fact, there probably isn't anyway to influence his behavior, since he appears to be a typical, see-centered political corrupt-o-crat. In other words, we are doomed!

Female III said...

They just gave the finger to the 1st Amendment.

Anonymous said...

I'd send him a set of chihuahua-sided neuticles but the damned things cost $150 a pair.

Anybody actually think he'll RECEIVE the things? Anybody believe he'd get the message if he DID?

Me neither.

Anonymous said...

They will just set the EPA on U.S. for polution and fine U.S. more.

Anonymous said...

I think the fuzzy pompoms are totally inappropriate. We should send something more size appropriate, like maybe a pair of hazelnuts, or BBs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm naive....why doesn't everyone write a letter similar to the following:

Dear Speaker Boehner:

Presently, at least 103 House Members, 3 Senators and two sitting Governors have either called for the United States Attorney General Eric Holder to resign or have formally expressed a vote of no confidence with regard to the Attorney General's handling of Operation Fast and Furious (F&F). Accordingly, I respectfully request that you consider joining with your colleagues and ask Mr. Holder to resign as well.

I have been closely following the F&F story from July of 2011, onward. During the Congressional Oversight hearings that have since followed I have observed Mr. Holder acting in an evasive and deceptive manner when questioned by members of Mr. Issa's committee.

Mr. Holder claims to be a "hands-on leader" while at the same time absolving himself of responsibility by implying that there are too many employed within the Department for him to know about any specific case at any given time. When proof emerged that a number of memos crossed Mr. Holder's desk in July of 2010 that specifically referred to F&F by name, he claimed that "many memos cross his desk" and that he cannot be expected to read all of them. I ask then, who specifically reads these memos? Furthermore, how does this person determine whether a specific memo merits the attention of the AG? It would seem to me individuals such as this should be brought forward to testify before the Oversight Committee to answer such questions since hundreds of people are dead as a result of this operation.

During the December 8, 2010 House Oversight hearing Mr. Holder attempted to speak for the Assistant AG Lanny Breuer by saying Mr. Breuer didn't know about the specific tactics of Gunwalking even though Chairman Issa displayed evidence proving the contrary indicating that Mr. Breuer knew about specific Gunwalking tactics used in F&F as early as March 2010.

It appears that AG Holder is deliberately making Congressional oversight of this matter impossible by refusing to disclose requested emails, conversations, etc. to the Oversight Committee Chairman, and intentionally providing untruthful testimony under oath. We the People cannot benefit from the protection of rule of law if the chief law enforcement officer acts in contempt of Congress. The American people need to have unwavering trust in him regardless of political affiliation. I believe Mr. Holder has obliterated that trust. Therefore, I respectfully request that you ask for Mr. Holder's resignation to forestall the unpleasant process of impeachment. Thank you for your time and service to our country.


VRWCmember10 said...

I agree with the individual who said insulting Boehner or embarrassing him won't change his behavior.

Well, I wrote to my House Rep. I got another family member to do likewise. I just finished a letter I'm sending to my Senator. I was planning on sending a letter to every standing House Republican in the coming week, who hasn't yet called for Holder's resignation. Yes, that was my plan until I came here tonight and saw the comments of doom.

Is everyone seriously giving up? If that's the case then don't bother with the "grow some balls Boehner" ridicule becaue all that will get any of us is reinforced contempt and and smug satisfaction from the left.

Yes Boehner needs to grow quite big balls and we should all let him know in a proper fashion BY WRITING 1000 LETTERS TO HIM DEMANDING IN A STAIGHTFORWARD WAY THAT HE REQUEST HOLDER FOR HIS RESIGNATION.

Otherwise, can someone please tell me what I'm missing here?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Female III. The government's war on the 1st Amendment is what is going to set things off. Obama and the democrats would NEVER sell out a major block of loyal voters (pretty much most of the non-evangelical Christians) unless they did not need to worry about elections anymore.

Chunkdog said...

I agree with BadCyborg...He definitely needs the real things.