Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Open Letter To the Birmingham Field Office, ATF:

To the Birmingham Field Office, ATF:
I just learned that you have been doing a trace of a firearm I purchased from a local dealer back in the early part of the last decade. This news is about three weeks old and I just learned about it today. Since that is all I know -- not even knowing what firearm it was -- I will be happy to try to help you if you picked it up in a crime trace. The thing is, given the present state of affairs, it would probably be best if you communicated with me through my lawyer. Drop me an email at GeorgeMason1776ATaol.com and I will forward you that information.
Mike Vanderboegh
PS: It wasn't a Fast and Furious weapon, was it? ;-)


SWIFT said...

Mike, good show and Good on You! I'm always happy when someone pushes back and does so up front. The jack-booted thugs need to know that intimidation only works on the weak and unprincipled. I hope everyone takes note of how these scum operate; behind the scenes scurrying around like cockroaches. No honor in that; only a paycheck!

On another note, this new system for verifying were not robots is hard on old folks who do not see as well anymore.

drjim said...

They probably got a serial number wrong, and it's pointing back to you!

Anonymous said...

What SWIFT said (about us old folks ;-) as well as his other comment.

The biggest problem I see with the issue at hand is that IF your firearm gets rated as 'suspicious' (or some such nebulous term) - it would probably be subject to seizure - ya know, just to confirm its status. Of course you will probably never see it again if that happens...............

AJ said...

One of my buds and I love to play "Make the Agent" at the gunshows. I'm not going to divulge our secrets for "making" a fed, but I will say that for being college educated and highly trained, you would have to be a retard to get busted by one of them at a show.

Ned said...

Years ago I received an email regarding the fact that BATF was investigating everyone within a period of time who purchased a new Mossberg shotgun.

I'm not sure how many 28" 835 Ultimag shotguns had been used in crimes, but my guess is very few.

Sometimes functionaries need something to do to justify their paychecks.