Friday, February 3, 2012

My first reaction to yesterday. “It could be as simple as a picture of something like John Boehner with a sheep."

“I submit to you that it is entirely possible that the fix is in,” Vanderboegh told TPM. “It could be as simple as a picture of something like John Boehner with a sheep, you know. Because they’ve done that before. The FBI blackmails people routinely. They always have.”
"How are ewe doing, sweetheart?"
TPM can't get out of their reflexive collectivist defense of a criminal administration but they pretty much quoted me correctly, although they can't seem to decide how to spell my name. The NRA is going to be pissed because they will
a. find out I'm still wearing the press credentials they gave me at the NRA convention, and
b. this irrepressively left-skewed schmuck thinks they were "home-made."
The failure of the committee to mention Operation Head Shot as the source of my anger -- and that of the whistleblowers who I had just talked to prior to the interview -- is not mentioned here, of course, for it is more important for this shady little puke to defend the federal state by leaving out the inconvenient facts in favor of the spin.
Actually, I mistakenly gave him the benefit of the doubt in the interview for being an honest, if misguided, human being. Lying by omission is, however, still lying.
No big surprise there, I suppose. However, he still couldn't spell my name right consistently and managed to screw up "sonsabitches," although I spelled that out for him too.
This also took place before I talked to some other sources close to the committee. I am still processing yesterday and seeking input from my sources, so I'll have more later on today, that is more informed and less reactive.


sales weasel said...

The old Potomac two-step. Dan Burton told us what is going to happen. Holder will eventually provide the documents, but what happens after that is probably going to be a let down. As much as Burton knows about the Clinton's and Vince Foster, nothing really came from any of that.

rdf67 said...

Holder is an arrogant piece of work. Caught some videos of his "testimony" yesterday and I would like an answer to the question, "When are you going to hold somebody in the DOJ responsible and accountable for Fast and Furious? When are you going to prosecute them for wrongdoing?" His patent answer, "I didn't know guns were walking - you don't see any mention of guns walking in any of those memos" makes me want to strangle the guy. "Walking" I have learned is the expression used for guns leaving the US and arriving in Mexico that our ATF fail to stop. He received memos of the numbers that were making it from Phoenix to Mexico but he didn't know they had walked? Did they fly?

He received notification of the murder with these weapons within 24 hours of Brian Terry's murder but he has never publicly mentioned Terry's name; worse, the DOJ filed an objection to the application for compensation from the family, lying about the govt involvement in his death. The DOJ met with the family at the funeral, and despite family foreknowledge from ATF agents, lied about the origin of the guns that killed their relative!

The suit this week for $25 mil followed the release by the WH of e-mails that covered the sad facts surrounding his death in mid-Dec. Turns out that a CI for the FBI (who can't be indicted under their nefarious rules) was involved in the death, so the FBI took over and forced the ATF to stand down. They disappeared a weapon sold to their CI (that did not come out of Phoenix) and then DOJ claimed two weapons found at the scene (AK47s) were not part of Fast and Furious. The family is furious and the mother called Holder "a liar" and "a coward" yesterday. Anyone who knows anything about Holder questioned the wisdom of putting him in charge of DOJ - but somehow - the Senate confirmed him.

Assistant Attorney General Breuer is Holder's right hand man but they have never talked about what went down in Phoenix. Breuer is a real beauty. He was running the show from DC - but when Terry was killed, he came up with a plan to shield him from blame. He went in Feb 2011 to Mexico and suggested that they allow straw buyers to walk guns to Mexico and arrest them there so that they would get Mexican justice and prison (where they really know how to take care of felons). Now Holder uses that memo to suggest "We didn't know guns were walking - see the proposal in 2011? That's when we thought about doing it." Guessed who released it? The White House. Wonderful - out of 80,000 e-mails they won't turn over to Congress, they release this one. Drip, drip, drip.

I guess they had to figure out what their end game was (other than having Mexican gangs kill each other with US Manufactured guns to shock the conscience of gun loving Americans) so they came up with this after-the-fact approach that was of course never implemented. (Sting? What sting? - How about this approach?)

Drip, drip, drip. 500 e-mails here, 500 e-mails there. The White House cover up is an incredible thing to watch unfold in slow motion. Congress needs a television writer to come in and show them how to get to the bottom of the story - using immunity or waterboarding - and stop wasting time and money on this felony stupid operation and investigation.

"Jack? This is Darrell Issa."

Anonymous said...

I accidentally read the comments from the idiots that read TPM talk about sheep

Anonymous said...

"[Ryan J. Reilly] still couldn't spell my name right consistently and managed to screw up 'sonsabitches,' although I spelled that out for him too."

He is a graduate of Catholic University. "Sonsabitches" is on the list of prescribed words for their J-school students. ;^)


bondmen said...

That's a very nice picture TPM took of you and the fresh painted white background makes it look like you're in heaven, except for the plaid shirt!

The Pubbies are one side of the statist, collectivist coin and the Demoncrats are on the other - with few exceptions, and we do love the exceptions. We The People nor they the innocent victims received no justice in Randy Weaver, Waco or OKC so why do we expect it in F&F? We expect it because we still want to believe truth, justice and the American Way are part of what happens back in the District of Corruption BUT alas we must wake up and face the music, foreign powers, powers anathema to our Founders' Original Intent for US have taken over and the ship of state is off course and headed for the rocks, this we must all by now conclude.

God our Creator is still on the throne and consult Him we must if we want peace and listen for that still small voice regarding His will and what must be done.

MI-copperhead said...

Just another effin marxist reporter. DC really is "Mordor on the Potomac" They should be required to post signs at every enterance to that city that say "Abandon all hope, Ye who enter here"

Anonymous said...

So, grand dad notwithstanding his nice smile would say, "Find something to do even if it is just picking up a broom and sweeping up the mess".

Looks like to me from his example we should get to work in any way possible.

One would seem to be help Brian Terry's family with legal cost.

Some one find out how, post it here and then we spread the word.

Action is all that counts.

Ashrak said...

As I have said over and over -

The ire should be directed at The Silent Speaker. Many have done a great deal trying to bury this entire debacle, but none have done so much by doing something so specific, none have led so much and gotten so many to follow - with SILENCE.

I once thought that GunWalker would crush the Washington dam and flood out the corruption, washing away the mask for all to see what lies underneath.

However, The Silent Speaker has managed to patch, quickly, every torpedo hole blow in the dam all along.

Barry and his crew are as corrupt as the day is long, and yest they are totally responsible for all of this.

It's past time for many deniers to admit that The Silent Speaker is on Barry's team - not on ours.

Anonymous said...

I wonder.

Could Washington DC be the enemy?

They keep stealing things, kidnapping people and committing murder. All the while they point to the laws they made which they claim justifies their actions, and ignore those made for them which make those actions illegal.

It is clear that they are seizing power and mean for us to be their slaves.

And all we hear are ckicket sounds from the media.

Anonymous said...

Surprised no one else commented on the fact Erich Holder stated in his comments that he was "the supervisor of Fast and Furious" whebn talking about some of the action that took place. Quite a comment from a man who "didn't know about Fast and Furious until a couple weeks ago." This was on c-span Thurs. night.

Anonymous said...

"And he began working on gun control. DeConcini said Burke helped draft the Anti-Drug Assault Weapons Limitation Act of 1989. A five-year battle ensued, ending with President Bill Clinton signing the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which made it a federal offense to possess certain semiautomatic rifles manufactured after the law's passage.

Anonymous said...

The environment at ATF today is one where honest officers cannot act without fear of reprisal from dishonest officers. Such is this agent's story, and the story of many other whistleblowers, including those involved in Fast and Furious.

Longbow said...

Quote from TPM "Vanderboegh, like many House Republicans, buys into the conspiracy theory"

You, Mike? You subscribe to a conspiracy theory? Hell I thought you was level headed. Hell if you's on uh them, I ain't spoze to listen to you no more. Hell you's discrduh... uh, I mean discrudi.... uh, I mean, they called you a name!

Anonymous said...

"It's past time for many deniers to admit that The Silent Speaker is on Barry's team - not on ours."

That's a fundamental misreading of the tactical and strategic situation in DC. For many if not most of the personnel involved on both sides of the aisle there is not one shred of evidence that they are on anyone's team but their own. To rephrase Gen. Patton: "There is one tactical princple that never changes:" to use the means at hand to win re-election at all costs.

But you are correct in one regard. Damn few of them show any evidence of being on our team, or that they pay anything but lip service to their oath of office.

Anonymous said...

The collectivists are winning, and winning hard, because too many conservatives and to a lesser extent, libertarians, believe that playing fair will win the day.

Hefferman said...

Calm down Mike. The Repugnate party wants this to be a campaign issue. It is too early for them to make it a campaign issue. They will throw dirt when it is a good time for them to throw dirt.
Thoses of us who want justice will be screwed again.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty much dead in the water now, imho. Too bad, might could've kept us from civil war.

God bless and keep y'all through what's coming.


wv = "paddle" : what needs to happen behind the woodshed to every damned elected or appointed govt official, right before the tar and feathers.

Anonymous said...

Brian Terry help site.

SWIFT said...

Mike, I feel you are right on the money. This painless(for Holder) hearing had FBI fix written all over it. The FBI's four strongest weapons for enforcement are: immoral agents, blackmail, intimidation,violence and threats of violence. Without those four weapons, they'd be exposed for their gross incompetence. They are a power all to themselves. Congress, because the FBI has raw data files on all members, will NEVER stand up to them. (Several years ago, I confronted former Senator Arlen Specter on this and in an around the bush way, he confirmed my accusation.)

I strongly feel that at some point, as more people wake up to how useless Washington really is; the FBI, Homies, DOD, FEMA and other agencies will bring war to our streets in an attempt to retain control. Perhaps after the smoke clears and the dust settles, we will get confirmation of a hundred years of theory, being fact.

Anonymous said...

How about a picture of Boehner playing golf with Comrade MaoBama ?a sight sure to inspire confidence in the Grand ole Republicrats.

Ashrak said...

The FBI cannot be bothered with this kind of thing, why, its Director is far too busy bowing down with thanks to the "Muslim Community" for all of its help and aid in stopping one terrorist attack after another! Why, we are all safer because the tremendous efforts of that "Muslim Community"!

Greg said...

WTF, now I got to start putting names on my reloads.No, screw that, I'll just stick with the Smiley Face.

SWIFT said...

I have to disagree. The FBI are the terrorists, the Muslim community are the puppets. Meuller is as sorry a POS as Louie Freeh was. Freeh protected the murderer Lon Horiuchi, Meuller is protecting the murderer Holder. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how the recently departed longtime ATF Chief Counsel fits in not only with the implementation of Fast and Furious but with the overall gross dysfunction and managerial abuse at ATF.