Monday, February 20, 2012

Fort Bliss troops help in border support role

From the El Paso Times.
Active-duty soldiers were deployed this week from Fort Bliss to assist the Border Patrol in Arizona and New Mexico, officials said Thursday.
Customs and Border Protection officials said the soldiers will function in a support role only.
Although the Joint Task Force-North/Northern Command generally handles such deployments, JTF-North spokesman Armando Carrasco said the Border Patrol alone was authorized to release details on what unit is involved and what the soldiers will do on the border.
Border Patrol officials in the Tucson sector were unavailable for comment late Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they figured it was time for the Muzzies to be crossing the border in droves.

JG Montville said...

Yep this has worked before, and when they were there on the Border Zero came across without someone greeting the UN-invited,unauthorized, new citizens importing without permissions. Go Army

Anonymous said...

The feds track us now when we go do border watch work.

We are all former nam vets of the over the fence type.

They know who we are and we see and smell the trackers just like we did in Laos.

Very possible the gov. is not sending these guys to catch the ones crossing but to follow and ID those of us who are getting intel on the lies being told about border security.

We must have intel on what the truth is, the D.C. crowd do not have the same motives as we free people.

Pvt.Joker said...

"Support role" should include manning the arty, no?