Monday, June 6, 2011

Sipsey Street Exclusive: Gunwalker Scandal hearings to proceed in 3 phases."Eric Holder is toast. If he stays out of federal prison I'll be surprised"

The Gunwalker Twins. Under oath, together again. Coming soon to a House committee near you.

There's been a lot of scrambling this weekend behind the scenes at the Gunwalker Corral, especially since Congressman Issa's FOX interview. I just confirmed with a second source this morning that the hearings promised by Issa are planned to proceed in phases. This, it was explained to me, is necessitated by the continuing stonewall of the Obama administration. "They're going to go with with they've got or they'll be waiting for documents until Hell freezes over. They've figured out what the rest of us knew all along -- that the only way to break the cover-up is under oath."

As described by the sources close to the investigation, Phase I will be "the presentation of allegations and factual information, evidence, and intended direction of the continuing investigation." This will include documents already presented to Senaqtor Grassley and Congressman Issa by whistleblower ATF agents. Senator Grassley will be among the first witnesses before Issa’s panel. Family members of Project Gunwalker victims are expected to testify, as well as other witnesses with first-hand knowledge of the conspiracy whose knowledge runs from Arizona to DC.

Phase II, according to my sources, "will focus on Mexico issues with witnesses called who have first hand Mexico information."

Phase III will be when it really gets interesting, when all the big names in ATF and DOJ complicit in this scandal who have been uncovered in the previous two phases are called to explain themselves. One source characterized this as "the testimony of compromised participants to include the numerous ATF and DOJ employees with dirt, blood or both on their hands."

"After Phase III is done, the next step will be a Special Prosecutor with broad powers to get at the rest of the truth and proffer charges against some of the highest officials in the land," said another source. "Eric Holder is toast," he added. "If he stays out of federal prison, I'll be surprised."

Illustration courtesy of David Codrea.


Anonymous said...

Hope against hope: If played right, this has the potential to bring the entire communitst obummer admin to it's fraudulent knees.

At the least, it will be interesting to observe and see if anything truly happens in regards to prosecuting the 'oh so obvious' felonies that the rest of us would be absolutely and remorselessly hung out to dry on...

Let's hope Issa and Grassley give no quarter.

Bob Katt

pdxr13 said...

The only question I have is "Presidential Pardon, in return for silence, or twisting slowly in the wind silenced by credible threats?"

Who will rat out the President? We already know the what, now the who.


Anonymous said...

"Eric Holder is toast. If he stays out of federal prison, I'll be surprised".

While I'd like to hope so, something tells me that won't be the case. He's a member of the elite ruling class. Those people don't get punished, no matter what they do.

Bruce W. Krafft said...

Hope against hope: That we don't get sold out again (Waco? Ruby Ridge? Donald Scott? Vang Khang?) with a bunch of pokazukha hearings.

At the least, it will be interesting to see if anyone is held accountable, or if we just see Holder come out to take "full responsibility", whereupon the entire sordid affair will just go away.

Anonymous said...

You guys are kidding, right?

Even after the McDougals went up the river to protect the Clintons?

Come on! How many people over the past two years have fallen on their swords for Obama, huh? And you expect Holder to be any different? Holder is TRUE BELIEVER in racial politics (witness the Black Panther case), and Obama is his Racial Messiah. He'll take one for the Teleprompter Jesus, and get pardoned when the furor has died down.

Alternatively, and MUCH more likely, is that Holder may resign. He'll then get a cushy gig with a high six-figure salary at some tony DC law firm, courtesy of back-door lobbying by Obama.

I'll be surprised if Holder even gets indicted, honestly.

Believe it: the rot in DC is extensive and irredeemable.

Anonymous said...

the republicans will cave on this just like they do on everything else.they, like the national socialist democrats are more interested in staying in power than any constitutional violations by the national socialist democratic workers party.i think it will come down to every man for him self.

Ernest said...

Pima County, Indiana throwing out the 4th amendment, etc.

I've lost hope that we can turn to any branch of the government for satisfaction.

Dakota said...

(Laughing hysterically and slapping my knee) .... Holder going to prison, that's a good one. I'll have some of that kool-aid y'all been drinking. Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

"Eric Holder is toast. If he stays out of federal prison, I'll be surprised".

He'll walk and so will everyone else. Nothing will be done about this.

Anonymous said...

Holder's people don't get prosecuted and don't go to jail under the current admin remember?

Holder ain't going no where except maybe to a better gig. The ATF pukes... well that's a different story. They're the wrong sort of people

Anonymous said...

This is a logically coherent arrangement and it signifies that the investigation is in competent hands.

I foresee a slow paralysis taking hold of the Obama administration as it tries to distance itself from this scandal while at the same time giving the appearance that a firm hand is on the rudder.

The Marines have a formula: Find them, fix them, fight them finish them.

We are about to see the third imperative begin. Let us hope the Republicans have the intestinal fortitude to fight this to the finish.


hellferbreakfast said...

It's almost like Christmas when you were a kid. I can hardly wait!!

it's almost like Christmas when you were a kid. I can hardly wait!!!!