Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Gunwalker conspirators are losing the PR war. When you show up as fodder on Jon Stewart, you're toast. But Darrell Issa doesn't laugh.

Issa, on the other hand, isn't laughing.

From John Hayward at Human Events:

House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) was not terribly amused. “This bit on Fast & Furious would be funny if it wasn’t done with your money, by your government,” Issa pointed out via his Twitter account.

Issa nevertheless made a point of including a link to the Daily Show bit, so I suspect he sees the significance of the Daily Show debut of this astonishing scandal he has worked so hard to investigate. “Gun Walker” is on the cultural radar screen now, and the people who get all their news from Jon Stewart know what it is.

Once they stop laughing, they might start wondering what the true purpose of such a violently absurd program might have been, and just who might have dreamed it up. Hint: it wasn’t soon-to-be-former-acting-ATF-director Ken Melson. The answers to those questions will come from Issa and his committee, not Jon Stewart, and they won’t be very funny.


Radio Patriot said...


So, is Melson going to flip and turn "state's evidence"? Or will he just slink away into the night with his tail tucked 'tween his hiney, hoping he'll be forgotten?

What to do, what to do, eh, Melson? what. to. do...

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I was as cynical as everyone else with regards F&F, whether the likes of Issa would be motivated and ANGERED enough to really start pushing this.

The DOJ has made a terrible miscalculation; they've pissed off Issa enough that the only thing that will satisfy the issue is a cleansing of ATF and DOJ to ensure that operations like this will never be approved again.

When Wieners story started showing up on the Daily Show, it was over. Same thing here. The footage of Issa paging through 100% redacted pages is PRICELESS.

Any upper-level DOJ employee that signed off on Gunrunner is screwed, including Traver.

I'm hopeful that this will result in an ATFE that will actually be going after criminals, rather than trying to assist the "behind the scenes" gun control agenda of the Obama administration.

Left Coast Conservative said...

I think, if not Melson, then someone will give up the those more senior in the administration who approved walking the guns. It all depends on the charges that might be brought against Melson. Has anyone addressed the laws that were broken?

DC Wright said...

And all I got to see were commercials for rogaine. I'm disappointed.

Pericles said...

That was really good - and on a program I don't especially care for.

Ed said...

DC Wright wrote: "And all I got to see were commercials for rogaine."

That is appropriate. Take the Rogaine and chances are that you won't be able to get it up very well, but you'll look good trying, unless the heart palpitations stop you first.

Pat H. said...

Just watched the Daily Show bit this evening.

You could tell by the audience reaction that this was the first many of them had heard of it. See, NPR has barely touched it and clouded it with lots of pro-government icing. The NYT coverage has been, ahem, thin.

So for the Daily Show to devote that much time to it is meaningful in my opinion.