Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Gunwalker LTE

Have you written yours' yet?

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Ashrak said...

Maybe a more appropriate question would be; "Have you been able to get your LTE printed yet?". Even though I'm one of those folks who has had many, many LTE's printed over the years, I have been, unexpectedly, unable to get a GunWalker LTE to see print here in the heart of ObamaLand. Whodathunkit?

However, within the comments section, I am not alone in making references to GunWalker. I've been following and sharing this scandal for the better part of 6 months, here,along with David's and Kurt's pieces as well. I share all your links regularly. I hope you don't mind. ;)

One thing is for sure, a great many do know about this -even though Old Media continues to refuse to talk or write about it.

I commend you folks for what you have done, are doing and will keep doing. The courage demonstrated, especially by ATF insiders with a refusal to hush, is exactly what this country requires this day.

I only disagree with one thing - When push comes to shove, and while I do agree that as a Nation we are fast approaching a furious internal conflict, I submit that there are a good deal more than 3% who will stand and fight the good fight this time around.

True, there will always be Freemen who take up arms to defend Liberty when threatened enough. True, Liberty is being accosted and assaulted more right now than at any time in my lifetime. True, there are more fools than at any time in my memory. But at the same time, there are more people aware of, and negatively affected by, the ever-present and overbearing hand of government than ever before. True it is that more folks than ever are indeed FED UP.

There are three areas where the vast majority of Americans can find more common ground than any of the others. They are 1)Illegal Immigration, 2)Taxation and Representation Authority, and 3)The Second Amendment.

GunWalker is a combination of all three and there is no way to spin what has taken place. Old Media knows that, which is why they try to avoid it entirely. They are all finding out, shocked as they are, that they are not the powerful Filter they think they are.

Keep up the awesome work and know that a great many of us out here in CitizenLand are doing our part as well. 3%? I am thinking it's 5 times that.......or more. And Growing.