Wednesday, June 29, 2011

David Codrea: Cummings, Schumer to hold ‘Gunwalker’ show trial against gun rights.

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If Gunwalker worked, they’d go for more power and gun control. If Gunwalker didn’t work, they’d go for more power and gun control.

Heads we win, tails you lose.


Mr Jones said...

This hearing will be insufferably irritating for sure. However, fair-minded people will see through the motive of it. They're only pacifying the choir.
After all, what good is any law if a criminal - or ATF - have no respect for it?
Cummings - who is basically an animated cantaloupe - and Schumer - who will have to be out of the hearing by noon so that he can sun himself on a rock - are actually doing us a favor by giving this more press. So really, we should be thankful that Heckle & Jeckle, in their infinite stupidity, are going to accomplish the opposite of what they intended.

Mr Jones said...

I found a particular revelation in the following paragraph eyebrow raising:

"Issa staffers have advised this column that further official committee hearings are in the works, but no schedule is available. Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson has reportedly stated he wants to testify, but a story appearing yesterday at that quoted The Daily Beast was branded as “not true” by a Senate staffer."

What Senate staffer said Melson testfiying is "not true"? A staffer for Leahy? That's just damned interesting.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the administration is circling the wagons and has turned the "spin machine" to max.

Rep. Cummings took only days to abrogate the public oath he swore to the Terry family. I'm not surprised.

Sen. Schumer is in it for the bandwidth.

Add the "usual cast of players" and you get the standard hoplophobic passion play. Act One will reassert bogus administration claims as the cartel's arms sources. Act Two will attack the characters of Rep. Issa, the ATF agents, and the Terry family. Act Three will be a choral rendition of "Give Us Your Guns" sung by the "Usual Suspects".

No doubt this show will garner some "in depth" coverage by the MSM lapdogs to complete the pogrom. > Jeff