Sunday, June 26, 2011


It is hard for me to believe, but two more days and it will be six months since I wrote the first story about the murder of Brian Terry and the rumors of what has come to be known as the Gunwalker Scandal. David Codrea, my public partner in this venture toward the truth, has just begun Part Four of his Journalist's Guide to Project Gunwalker."

Mark Matis, my most singularly, prolifically and consistently negative commenter on this blog, said in the very first response to that very first post:

This country's "legal" system will make sure that Border Agent's family NEVER gets access to info on what REALLY happened. They are VERY good at that.

Well, six months on, I'd like to think that we're at least closer to what Mark predicted would never happen. In fact, Mark is turning out to be a pretty good reverse barometer. If Mark says it's "never" going to happen, it just might.

Not that Mark hasn't had plenty of company. Jimmy the Saint commented to the same post the next day:

"Write your congresscritter and ask when it is that the oversight hearings will begin?" Twelfth of Never.

Defender was more prescient:

This is like Watergate. The implications for the entire gun regulation mechanism... It's also like ... treason.

Jay Stang was even more prescient, saying sarcastically:

Hey, you know if you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.

No one knew then that these were the exact words of an ATF supervisor to one of the whistleblower agents.

Of course, the forward progress toward the truth of the Gunwalker Scandal (and I'm happy as can be that the term, invented by David Codrea's sardonic wit, is catching on) has not been easy, nor in a straight line. Yet, the fact that it has progressed is due in no small measure to the readers of David's and my blogs and emails, to those who got off their asses and tried to make the system work, and moved it to where we are today. For that alone, gentle readers, I thank you and hope God blesses you and yours.

The cover-up continues to break down. That is a fact.

Here is Clarice Feldman, a former federal prosecutor, writing in today's American Thinker:

I believe there were a lot of people involved at the Department of Justice and I doubt there'd be so much stonewalling and mudslinging were Holder in the clear.

Besides wanting Melson's testimony and a more forthright response to the Committee's document requests from the Department of Justice, Issa wants those agents who did come forward and speak to the Committee to be granted the federal whistleblowers protections they are entitled to by law. which asserts it is run by ATF agents, claims abuse of agents and mismanagement in the agency is common.

In the meantime, here's Holder's dilemma in a nutshell: If he doesn't fire Melson, the issue will continue to boil on the front burner. If he does, Melson is free to talk to the Committee, and if my suspicions are correct, Melson's testimony will lead to Holder's long deserved downfall as Attorney General.

Downfall. Here's the dictionary definition:

Down·fall (dounfĂ´l), noun
a. A sudden loss of wealth, rank, reputation, or happiness; ruin.
b. A cause of sudden ruin.

The Gunwalker Scandal, if pushed to the complete outing of the truth will lead not only to the downfall of Holder's career (and his conceivable indictment), but to the downfall of the Obama administration and of the entire gun control agenda for a generation. Gunwalker was the commission of the ultimate deadly lie. Its exposure will destroy the legitimacy of this federal leviathan that has accrued power for a century at the cost of liberty, property and the God-given, natural and inalienable rights codified in the Constitution.

Gunwalker can be the tipping point for many downfalls.

It can be the downfall of the lie that yielding your liberty and property to an all-powerful federal government can bring you safety.

It can be the downfall of the lie that you can be made safer by unilateral disarmament.

It can be the downfall of the lie that the people who push those first two lies are interested in anything else besides power and money at the American people's expense.

I say "can be" and "if" because there is nothing certain about how far this will go. That, dear readers, is still up to you. You have brought this ugliness out into the open by putting pressure on your congresscritters, the NRA and the media. Are you going to rest now, or keep on pushing?

As for me, I'm going to keep on pushing.

"Downfall." I like the sound of that word.


Mark Matis said...

And I wish nothing but the best for the FULL disclosure of all crimes by ALL involved in this treasonous activity, and the FULL Constitutional consequences for everyone responsible.

However, I see no indication that this country's "legal" system even remotely retains "Rule of Law" as its basis. I point once again to the unenforced contempt citation from Federal court in the Obamatorium case. I will be EXTREMELY glad to apologize to, and profusely thank, "Law Enforcement" if they actually honor their oath of office and enforce the law in this and all other cases. But I find no indication they are about to even start doing that in the foreseeable future.

Call it "double down" if you will, but the stench is still overwhelming.

AvgJoe said...

It can be the downfall of the big lie of what government has turned into. A group of lawless parasites who have armed JBT to terrorize the honest and productive citizens out of their rights and money to feed the political class of parasites.
The most honest words said that reflect the truth about our federal government came in the movie JFK. "A government that lies to its people is not a government for the people".
The facts are clear, Gunwalker was Treason by the willful act of, international crimes to cheat the American people out of their Constitutional rights. Running the False Flag of Gunwaker up the pole was a team effort by Obama, Hillary, Holder and many under them.
This Treason is being supported by more Treason by the MSM in that the MSM is refusing to for fill its Constitutional objection under the First Amendment. The same Amendment that it hides behind when convenient.
Fact: if Gunwalker becomes much to do about nothing because of stonewalling. Then the clearest image in current times that the American people have lost their country to lawless parasites has been displayed.
Its not about about the Second Amendment. Its about taking the steps to gain power over people the evil and lawless only dream of. Once the Second is destroyed it will be, "just a @#&**# piece of paper".

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I was in the camp that held likely nothing would come of this scandal. Having said that, it did not keep me from continuing to push this story to everyone I know and on the largest gun forum in the state of Pennsylvania. The thread I started some months ago is now over 40 pages long...all of it is gratefully linked back to Vanderboegh and Codrea.

Though I tend to agree that, so far, we have not seen a single prosecution, it is also important to note that things are leaning more in that direction with each new revelation.

I am man enough to admit when I have been wrong and hope that I was in my original assessment.

Now that the ATF and DoJ are on the ropes, I think it is extremely important that we keep pushing and not only for full disclosure, but criminal prosecutions of the parties involved be they ATF, Justice Dept. Officials, DHS, DEA, IRS, State and even his holiness Obama!

Again, I say thank you to Mike and David.



Anonymous said...

I can't think of any other "citizen journalist" who has done more to expose not just government wrong doing but in this case the perfect combination of treason and pure evil.

Thank you Mike.

Bad Cyborg said...

Don't be down on Mark, Dutchman. He like me, has lost any and all confidence in the legal system. Just as Watergate took a long tie developing, so Gunwalker will. In the time the process takes is room of one of the many slips that lie "'tween cup and lip". The Dems could win back the house next year which would effectively put paid to the investigations. Important witnesses could start accidentally running off the road into trees or having fatal heart attacks or "committing suicide" Vince Foster style.

Like Mark I have no faith in the normal processes. I am convinced we are well beyond the point where the ballot box offers a meaningful solution. If I am not mistaken, when the ballot box is eliminated, all that's left is the ammo box.

Also like Mark I would LOVE to be wrong. If we are wrong then we stave off the coming darkness a while longer. I would very much like for the republic to outlive me. DAMN! but I'd like for the republic to outlive me.

Meanwhile I go to range and Appleseed and work on staying inside a 5" circle at a shooter's quarter mile. And I stockpile food and other supplies at my son's place.

I'll leave the praying to others. If even Jerusalem could be allowed to fall, I don't reckon the USofA is safe.

Bad Cyborg X

irishdutchuncle said...

Holder should have been gone when he failed to prosecute the NBP's for voter intimidation in Philly. I wonder how much ordinance is being "walked" to "Native" drug thugs in our cities.

Mr Jones said...

I tend to lean towards the sentiments of Mark Matis. I hope for nothing more than to see all involved with F&F become the next freshman class of butt-monkeys in Leavenworth.
But even though daylight is on this story now, I still have no feeling that most of the media yet grasps the seriousness of it - or the potential consequences of it. Are people that dense, or do they just not really care?
Why aren't more in Congress demanding that DOJ cooperate? Staying optimistic is difficult.

Jay Stang said...

To the best of my recollection, I do not remember making that comment. My wife will tell you that my memory is not that good, though.

Mainly when it comes to remembering things she tells me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Matis seems to be a pessimist. And that can be a good thing. Everyone gets surprises in life. Things that surprise a pessimist tend to be good news. Things that surprise an optimist tend to be bad. Frankly, I find the latter preferable. We're supposed to hope for the best while preparing for the worst. For myself, I'd like to be an optimist, but I don't think it would work.

As for the comment on Appleseed and the Rifleman"s Quarter Mile, yes you're supposed to keep it in the black at 500 yards. But you're also supposed to be able to do it with MilSurp ammo and a rack grade rifle twenty times in a minute. That's a carefully aimed shot every three seconds. No I can't do it yet either, but I'm working on it ;-)

God but I hate the things Fred's "Quick and Dirty AQT" tells me about my marksmanship or rather lack of same.


Plug Nickel Outfit said...

Congratulations are indeed due to yourself and David for your efforts in this matter - as well as the readers who've supported and disseminated the material that's come forth.

Nonetheless, Mr. Vanderbough - I think you step to far in saying that MM is some sort of reverse barometer in this matter.

I will even go you one further... I recall another of your 'poking at a wolverine' posts from several months ago where you spelled out the potential consequences to those who'd conduct their JBT business as usual. Since that posting there have yet been dozens of instances where these JBTs have carried on their assault. The list of names still grows and yet it still seems to boil down to each of us who'd step up (and speak up) to ultimately have to reckon with the consequences relatively alone and individually - Oath Keepers and Sons of Liberty notwithstanding - much like your character in Absolved who did such a fine job against the home invasion.

The barometer goes one way - and then another - and back again. Stick around - it'll change. I think that all the evidence MM has at hand probably supports his position and you've unfairly characterised him way too early.

Anonymous said...

People call
Say beware, doll
You're bound to fall
you thought they all
We're kiddin' you--Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone


Anonymous said...


Not given to "gushing" but my most sincere thanks to you for all your work on this issue !! Americans owe you, Dave Codrea, and many others in the "non-professional" media, (and some in the "pros", too), a debt of gratitude. Your ceaseless work made it possible for those loyal Americans - the ATF Four - to get a public hearing of their concerns. Jeff

Dennis308 said...

I think KPN 3% hits the nail on the head.

"I must admit that I was in the camp that held likely nothing would come of this scandal. Having said that, it did not keep me from continuing to push this story to everyone I know...."

(especially my congresscritter)

"Though I tend to agree that, so far, we have not seen a single prosecution, it is also important to note that things are leaning more in that direction with each new revelation."

We will see what the future brings when the time comes. And although I have no trust in Congress or their good intentions, and even less in the Senate. Gun-Walker coming to light has shown many people just a tip of the CORRUPTED Iceberg that is our Federal and State Governments. This includes Administrations and Legislators as well as Judicial along with the PIGS that enforce their Rule. The Stench goes MUCH Deeper than the surface.


Anonymous said...

I'm a citizen of Chicago so, writing to Danny Davis and Dick Durbin is a complete waste of time.

I am, however, telling everybody I know about the Obama Administration being complicit in the death of two U.S.citizens (and probably more) and hundreds of Mexican citizens.

It's the rest of the country that's going to get these Marxist, Chicago thugs the hell out of power.

They are not going to be removed from power easily. All one needs to do is see how Richard M Daley co-opted the Chicago City Council by creating a group called the HDO, Hispanic Democratic Organization. The HDO was a patronage army whos job it was to bring in votes for slated candidates of the Chicago Democrat "combine". They got Rahm Emanuel elected to the U.S HOR.

If a sitting City Council member didn't vote the Daley line, Daley and the "combine" had a new candidate run against the incumbet and the army was put out to get him or her elected, while taxpayers funded the whole thing because the HDO were city employees campaigning on the taxpayers dime.

Any independently minded councilman was intimidated and kept in line.

Daley also reduced the Chicago media to babbling eunechs.

I'm not sure exacly how. Maybe 'cause they are all liberals or it was done with intimidation in the ways he could obstruct there operation and cost of doing business. Like creating a city ordinance that all lots of a business had to be enclosed with wrought iron fencing which a Daley insider was happy to supply.

Daley also appointed city council vacancies of jailed, retiring or deceased councilman.

Obama kows how well that didn't work out for Chicagoians, I bet he is plotting how to get that done with Congressman. The reason I'm referencing Daley so much is, I believe that is what Obama is inclined to do. Bill Ayers is someone who I think Obama is modeling after.

The FBI has a web site called "The Vault" which provides online declassifed documents. Within that site search Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground Organization.

It will take some reading but in those documents you will read how the WUO planned in the 1960's to create havoc in our society by creating broad based chaos or little wars.

I have no examples aside from Gunrunner of Obama doing likeminded things but I am pretty sure he is doing whatever he can to intimidate congressmen. People with better resources then I need only study the modus operandi of the "Chicago Way" and follow the stimulus money, Soros money, Chineese money, whatever.

As mentioned in previous a post, tell EVERYONE you know about Gunrunner. It is the perfect example of how these people are wired and what lengths they will go to acquire and maintain power.

Guns and Spray Paint have been illegal in Chicago for over 20+ years.

The only people with easy access to those two things in Chicago are criminal gang members.

The Chicago Police are grossley under staffed and the predators are getting increasingly more aggressive in what were once "good" neighborhoods. The media has ignored it but it has reached the point they can't get away with it any more. That's what the political cesspool which Obama marinated in has done to Chicago.

Gunwalker is not tin foil cap stuff. It's documented. It happened.

It would not surprise me one bit if the Obama people were using that same create-a-crisis model in other areas of our society/economy to reach there control freak ends.

We can do it. We must do it. We will do it. Get these people out of power.

If we don't, trust me, the people in power now will work to nullify our power at the ballot box. It's the Chicago Way.

Sorry for the long post.

FWIW, I do not wish any physical harm to come to Obama or anyone else in his administration. Except to the extent, that which come under law if found guilty of Treason.

Many thanks to the author of this blog.

Best regards to all in this endevor.

MtTopPatriot said...

For what it is worth I can not express my gratitude adequately enough for the job of exposing The Big Truth you guys have been doing. For the first time, in my lifetime, really, the big lie has been exposed for exactly what it is, T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y.
Being a natural born American in this day and age of the Amerikan Nomenklaturer class of elites, their prosperity shakedown ponzi scheme, and their usurpation of the rule of law for their singular benefit, is like being in love, you can't explain it, you know balls to bones, you and your country are being screwed over by these crooks and traitors.

To put it in its most basic form, a couple of died in the wool die hard patriots singularly may very well have brought the whole rotten edifice of lies, high crimes and treason of a system of tyranny from within down.
There's these tipping points in history where Liberty prevails, at the moment they happen it is never evident how profound these paradigms are. But things are coming to a head, we are talking about a ruling class totally completely out of control, whom have acquired inconceivable wealth and power at everyone else's expense, whom are not only going to give up these perks of tyranny willingly, but whom are so enamored by their superiority, of such an arrogance it beggars ones imagination, that they have no conception of just how pissed off and fed up many many many Americans are of being abused and cheated out of their Liberty and Prosperity.
Talk about the mouse that roared. what you guys have done is that tipping point. Now justice in the form of congressional redress may not be successful, but I'm going by my gut instincts and saying exposure of Gunwalker is the precursor to exterminating these rats from our midst. One way or another. And one way or another it is proof absolute how dirty and criminal our government, the people who have highjacked it just is. It will never go away from the minds who care about their country and Liberty.
That's a fact.
Thank's you guys.

MtTopPatriot said...

"When Democracy Becomes Tyranny


I STILL get to vote."

FSHB said...

As far as I know I may have been the sole constituent to petition Rep. Chaffetz to act on Gunwalker - I'm the only person that kept bringing it up on his Facebook. I'm glad to have a decent representative that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty - this is one case where the Tea Party deserves kudos.