Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jay Dobyns on FOX


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay, concise and to the point.

My guess is Holder knew full well what was going on, probably initiated te idea and approved of it 100%.
It fit his gun grabbing agenda to facilitate the denial of Americans of their 2nd ammendment rights.

Watch your six, I'm sure you're not the ATFs favorite player at this point.

Mickey Collins said...

Transcript here, for those who can't stream FOX videos. (it won't preload while paused like youtube does, so I can't view it)


Anonymous said...

I would be interested in seeing that woman who does the body language analysis on O'Riely have a look at Holder when he speaks to Gunrunner issues. Does anyone know if this has happened?


Dennis308 said...

Watched the Dobyns Video and the Issa Video at www.fox.com in the video section both videos are there.

What was interesting was Issa saying the approval/knowledge had to go as high up as Laney Brewer and because of the wire taps.And that Holder should have know with all the resources that were being put into Fast and Furious.

So now there is Documented profe that Melson and Brewer are in this fiasco upto their necks,and if Holder didn't know he is incompetent as a Attorney General.

Now we wait and see what are the consequences to them and their carriers.

Personally I would like to see Obummer impicated directly in some manner. And at least for Melson and Brewer get Jail Time in a Federal(hotel)Prison.But.....
I'll not be holding my breath till that happens.


P.S. My congressman(Farenholt 27th. Dist. TX.)did get on the team with the Gun-Walker investegation. he even sent me a video of him questioning one of the participants. I'll forward it to ya Mike so you can use,or not as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

Fox News report: Is Holder circling the wagons or circling the toilet bowl?

"We report, you deride."


Col Bat Guano said...

Key graph at the end of Dobyns' interview regarding AG Eric Walker, errrr, Holder:

"That's a lose-lose for him. He either had to know about it and didn't do anything about it, or he didn't know about it and it shows that he's incompetently running the Department of Justice!"