Thursday, June 23, 2011

Say a prayer: Darrell Issa heads to Mexico this week. The man's got a yard of guts and balls of brass.

Kim Murphy of the LA Times reports:

A congressional investigation into a controversial federal gun-running surveillance operation is moving to Mexico this week amid new reports that two AK-47s sold in Arizona during the operation were found at the scene of a shootout with the suspected killers of a well-known Mexican attorney. . .

On Friday, oversight committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Vista), who has been leading the investigation of the ATF operation with Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), will travel with a bipartisan delegation to Mexico, partly in an attempt to draw the government there further into the investigation.

In a letter this week to Mexico's U.S. ambassador, Arturo Sarukhan, Issa and Grassley requested serial numbers of all firearms recovered in "substantial" violent crimes, along with the numbers of any other weapons that government officials have reason to believe may be connected to the operation.

"This information would be tremendously helpful to us in determining the full scale of the effects of Operation Fast and Furious, which includes the deaths of both Mexican and American citizens," the two lawmakers wrote. "We have a shared interest with you in getting to the bottom of this matter."

Issa will be joined by eight other U.S. lawmakers for meetings Saturday in Mexico City at the federal police command center and also with representatives of the U.S. Embassy.

I hope Congressman Issa has a large security detail with him. There are very powerful people on both sides of the border who wouldn't mind seeing him dead and are perfectly capable of arranging a cartel to do their dirty work for them.

You've got to give Issa credit. The man's got a yard of guts and balls of brass.


Col Bat Guano said...

I like Issa. He's had to put up with a ton of crap, but keeps that bloodhound nose to the ground anyway. You wouldn't believe the ad-hominen bilge leftian knuckleheads have been slinging at him trying to deflect attention away from Eric Walker, errr Holder, and question Issa's credibility. They've reached all the way back to 40 years ago when he and his brother got busted for boosting cars when they were young punk hoods. Helllo!?!? 40 years ago??? Really???

Lord, please place Your protective armor around our brother Darryl Issa!

Uncle Al said...

Issa going to Mexico? WTF? OK, I'll agree he has guts but he can't possibly have any brains and believe his personal visit will have any effect whatsoever on Mexican officials. The honest ones have either already started cooperating or have decided the costs of doing so are too high (quite possibly the costs on their families - Hell, at the cost of their families). The corrupt ones sure aren't going to be turned around.

Dakota said...

I agree Mike ... I do not like this at all. I wonder exactly if Grassley and Issa realize how wonderful it would be if they were to get ambushed in Mexico and killed. Makes me nervous ....

Greg in Allston said...

Normally I wouldn't quibble with your comments Mike, but this time I'll make an exception. Issa has a mile of guts and balls of tungsten carbide. Good on him.

Anonymous said...

If Issa is killed in Mexico, no matter who gets the blame...

Would that constitute casus belli? No more Wacos? The final straw????????

When do we admit and confirm that all hope of peaceful resolution is gone? When do we act accordingly?

Anonymous said...

Balls and guts does not make brains.

Instead of going to Mexico and risking his life, Issa would be better off indicting Attorney General Eric Holder for refusing subpoenas.

The hell with visiting Mexico. Indict Holder.


Anonymous said...

"[Issa] and his brother got busted for boosting cars when they were young punk hoods..."

That's small potatoes.

BHO boosted an entire car company when he abridged the contractual rights of bondholders and nationalized GM.

Evidently, stealing cars gives you training to be a Congresscritter but stealing car companies makes you a great President.