Friday, June 24, 2011

Tired of defending the indefensible, Paul? Helmke steps down as head clown of the Brady Bunch.

Me and Paulie, 19 April 2010. The grimace on his face is not an act.

Another casualty of the Gunwalker scandal?

I guess I'll have to take Paulie off my private email distribution list in a month or so. Too bad. I have enjoyed sending him every post on the Gunwalker Scandal.

S.S. Gun Control. Sunk by the storm of the Gunwalker Scandal. Paul Helmke is the little guy who just let go of the wheel.


Pat H. said...

Gee, maybe Travers will have a new job outside government.

If he can wrest the job away from Dennis Hennigan.

fgd-anchorage said...

"a man of the highest integrity"

Republican (in name only)

Just my observation on the disconnect between his Republican credentials and his position regarding the Second Amendment. It just does not add up.

rexxhead said...

I suspect this is a sign that BCPGV has run out of money. Helmke's not doing this out of altruism, you know.