Monday, June 20, 2011

WSJ Television does Fast & Furious.

Guns for Drug Dealers.


Mr Jones said...

I have a question I haven't heard anyone ask yet.
How is it that Ronald Weich could name a 20 year old misinterpreted ATF order as the core rationale behind 'Fast and Furious', but he has no idea who used that rationale to hatch the plan? And even if the person who used a flawed (phony) interpretation of a 20 year old rule to justify F&F wasn't the one who hatched the plan - doesn't it stand to reason this person would know who did?

Lies covering lies covering lies...

Mr Jones said...

Check this one out:

This article stands out because it contains this sentence:
"But law enforcement and other sources said Melson has told associates that he believes he has done nothing wrong."

How 'bout THEM apples?

fgd-anchorage said...

Mary seems to think the "Gun Lobby" wants their gun rights "restored". Clearly she, and the outfit she works for does not understand the "Gun Lobby" wants the infringement of their gun rights to cease.