Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michelle Malkin reminds us: Another zealot waiting in ATF wings

Good point.

Thanks to vigilant pressure from 2nd amendment bloggers and House GOP Oversight and Reform Committee chairman Darrell Issa, the White House is set to throw acting ATF director Kenneth Melson under the bus over the Project Gunrunner/ Fast and Furious scandal (all background links below). Internal documents released this week show he was intimately involved in overseeing the program and screened undercover vid of thousands of straw purchases of AK-47s and other high-powered rifles — some of which ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartel thugs, including those who murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Getting rid of Melson is a start — but this one move alone ain’t gonna cure ATF’s problems. It’s going to take a bigger bus. Corruptocrat AG Eric Holder knew about the program much earlier than he testified to, Rep. Issa says, and he has been an obstruction to the Gunrunner probe since day one.
And then there’s the man waiting in the wings to replace Melson — either as acting director or as permanent director. He’s Chicago anti-gun radical Andrew Traver and he’s scheduled to meet with Holder and DOJ today.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a special prosecutor may be needed for obstruction of justice charges?

Brandon In Baton Rouge said...

Anyone else figure that Travers' confirmation hearing will get fast-tracked if Holder puts him in as acting head of the ATF?

I think a bunch of pissed-off Republicans and Democrats who are afraid of getting voted out for being anti-2nd Amendment will put him up for a confirmation vote very quickly so that he can't stay in the job as a placeholder indefinitely.

Travers' nomination hadn't been pushed to this point because Obama knows that he doesn't have the votes to get him approved.

jon said...

here he is last year, showing off an AK he's looking forward to sending to mexico.

guns and money bio.

aughtsix said...

If Traver truly wants and accepts the appointment, it will only prove our worst suspicions about him: that he is truly an anti gun zealot, a megalomaniac with delusions of adequacy, and another dangerous tyrant enabler wannabe. Only a delusional fool would want that job right now.

He may be the worst thing possible because it wouldn't take much for him to be more competent, devious and effective than Melson. Alternately, he could be so aggressive that he would tip their hand such that it actually helped our cause.

It will be our job to see to it that the second alternative happens....


Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember a few months back at a meeting that obama walked in and sarah brady asked him when he's going to do something about gun control.He said there working on it but it has to be under the radar? That makes me wonder if he might have initated gunwalker from the start

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

For me, the best part of Ms. Malkin's column is the reminder that David Codrea has already established compelling evidence of Traver having been, for months, up to his eyeballs in "Project Gunwalker."

Mr Jones said...


Strange that the WP would ignore the story for so long, then manage to pull such a "scoop" out of its ass.

Dennis308 said...

Holder can not name Travers as Acting Director of ATF That would have to be Obumer's job to do.

But your right, The(NON)Confirmation of Travers as Director of the BATFE would get fast tracked in the Senate only to be denied.So any attempt to name Travers as acting Director would be a waist of his nomination. Obumer knows this(or at least he should).The fact that he has been nominated will permit The Senate to Vote on that Nomination and take him out of the Directors Office before he can even re-decorate.

So go ahead and name him as acting director,it will only acomplish in getting that Nomination THROWN OUT!


Anonymous said...

Time to update the Range Cards.

Anonymous said...

Would the best director be one of the whistle blowers?

hellferbreakfast said...

ATFE should be de-funded & abolished. It is an unlawful agency from it's conception.