Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Investor's Business Daily editorial: "Was Fast And Furious A Gun-Control Plot?"

Uh, yep. You bet.


Left Coast Conservative said...

Hard to take in any other way.

I certainly hope that the blowback goes higher, at least as high as AG Holder, and that a memo comes to light outlining explicitly their intention to create a pretext for increased control of semi-automatic rifles, a sort of "under-the-radar" assault weapon ban.

Anonymous said...

Considering that all of these events are supported or directed by American born (presumably) Marxists, the word I would choose would be treason.

The the object of these attacks is the constitution and bill of rights and by extension, every citizen of the country. Under color of authority, they have imprisoned, assaulted and murdered US citizens or caused the same by other means and persons, through acts of direction, misrepresentation and misdirection, omission, fabrication, or destruction of evidence, bribery, extortion and forgery. I've probably missed a couple things but you get the drift.

The theft of freedom, of liberty, is in real terms the theft not only of property and wealth but is also that of the potential of a man or woman and of the quality of their lives and futures. When you have done that, you have made them your slaves. Any abuse that follows is a matter of degree, and perception but any comparison to previous generations, very much highlights the differences and makes them unmistakable.

We are no longer free. Those who did this to us, did it deliberately and used a plan while doing it. There is no possiblity that this is not so. Their media will not report, not only obvious things but Corroborated facts contained in both audio and video evidence. Their presentations are constructed to convey lies in a Palatable manner and when they cannot win by lying, they simply spike the story until they can construct a Believable story.

They do this consistently and never stop pressing for any Marxist advantage. Without the media, none of this would be possible. Think of what it takes to accomplish that. Think of what happens after it is accomplished.